Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Nature Study: MFW ECC Week 2

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ON with our Nature Studies:

Our ECC co-op did a variety of Nature Walk activities for week 2 of ECC.


Nature Walk focus this week:

  1. Collect leaves for a future art project ~ Look What I Did With A Leaf !
  2. Seasonal Tree study – from Handbook of Nature Study blog
  3. THIS IS SOOO FUN ~ End of Summer Nature Walknotebook page 
  4. Pond Study critter list –  our kids did a creek critter list.  The link is on Barb’s blog – Outdoor Hour Challenge – August newsletter

More resources for our Nature Walk:

One Small Square: Pond by Donald Silver

Look What I Did With A Leaf! by Morteza Sohi


Don’t forget to click the links above to download and print notebook pages for your kids.  Our co-op will complete the lessons at home and bring them to class next week! 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MFW ECC Highlights: Week 1

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Welcome to our “Week 1 in Review” with Exploring Countries and Cultures using My Father’s World curriculum.




The girls and I will be traveling the 7 continents this year.  We will be stopping at several countries within each continent to discuss its: culture, people, food, missionaries, biomes / ecosystem and animals of the area.


 Geography focus this week:

  • The 7 continents and 4 oceans
  • How to read a map and globe
  • A rose compass, the equator and hemispheres
  • Mapping skills - distance using a scale


IMG_2163Below are a few of the great worksheets from the Beginning Geography workbook I picked up for our year.




More Geography Resources for the week:



Science focus this week:

Introduction to the ecosystems / biomes

An earthworm niche project ~ a few casualties 




More Nature Walk Resources for the week:

41iU2ff DGL__SL500_AA300_

One Small Square: Backyard series by Donald Silver


Bible Focus this week:

The kids in our co-op class are making a ‘prayer journal’.


Memory verse this week: John 3:16.

MJbutton-newCheck out Mama Jenn’s John 3:16 printables



ECC Co-op Kids ~ Nature Walk and World Cake:

Our ECC Co-op Kids went on a Nature Walk to complete our Backyard Habitat worksheet.







Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

MFW ECC: Additional Resources


I am using MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures curriculum this year.  The lesson plans are done for me so I don’t really need to add anything to our year.   But what fun is that !  So, I thought I’d list a few resources I am adding to our year:

tales chilren

  1. Expedition Earth curriculum – lapbooks, coloring pages, and more
  2. Children Just Like Me
  3. Around The World in 80 Tales
  4. 10 Boys and 10 Girls Who Changed The World           count
  5. Heaven’s Heroes
  6. Count Your Way series

Animal Studies to Lap’n Scrap

I am going to steal my sister’s idea… yup .... Animal Lap’n Scrap books! 

Kattie and I used to host monthly scrapbooking events before we began homeschooling our girls.  Well now the many, many scrapbooking supplies are collecting dust.  So…. Kattie came up with this idea of combining hands-on crafting through scrapbooking, Science and fun with her daughter! 

Kattie said the toughest hurdle she had to overcome was letting her daughter pick expensive cardstock paper, brads and embellishments that she had once intended to use for scrapping photos.  She said the greatest joy of it all is the ‘one on one’ time she has with her daughter!   

Head on over to 2 Ladybugs and A Lizard blog and check out Kattie’s Lap’n Scrap books!


I had my girls pick two animals from each continent.

I then jumped on the website Homeschool Share and searched for their animals of interest.  Many of the lapbooks on Homeschool Share site go along with a great picture book you can get from your library.

Here is an example of a lapbook for a North American animal:

Look to the North – Gray Wolf lapbook

I got the book Look To The North from the library and a few other books about wolves.

I am going to focus a little more on animals this year in ECC rather than the biomes.  I am not saying we will not look at the biomes but I do plan to have the girls enjoy animal studies more. 

The great thing about ECC is that we will be doing it again in 5 year but on a deeper level!

baby draw

More resources for our Animal Lap’n Scrap books:

  1. Zoo Books magazine
  2. Homeschool Share lapbooks
  3. Baby Animals in the ____________ Habitat series
  4. Draw Write Now series – for drawing animals in their habitat

Have you seen the Animal / Habitat workbooks from Rod & Staff

Their G-H-I series has fun PreK and K workbook pages.  Even though my girls are older, they enjoy cutting, gluing and coloring in these inexpensive “fun” pages ~$2.80 each

There are habitat coloring pages that can be set up 3 dimensionally in each of the books too!


  1. Going On Eagerly – Polar regions  
  2. Hearing and Helping – Rainforest
  3. Inside and Outside – Woodlands



Nature Study

Check out our Nature Studies from last school year!

  1. One Small Square series – includes nature walk projects
  2. Nature Studies from Barb @ Handbook of Nature Study blog

I plan to just glean from the Nature Study suggestions in the ECC Teacher’s Manuel.  I will be using more of Barb’s suggestions each month (Handbook of Nature Study blog).  Have you checked out her newsletter from this month?  I love using her studies.  She does the busy work for me! 

Our ECC kids co-op will do a nature study each week, whether during class time or as homework, to share in class.

Outdoor Hour Challenge newsletter


 MJbutton-newBible Memory Verses and Character pages

Matthew Printables and Copywork pages for our memory verses

Character Quality Copywork from Hero Tales



Sketching for fun!


Check out what we did last school year with Sketch Tuesday here

  1. Sketch Tuesdays from Harmony Art Mom’s blog
  2. I Can Do All Things art book – we did not finish this from MFW Adventures

Leave a comment and let me know if you have more suggestions I can add to our year traveling the world !





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