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Review: Travel the World !

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The Schoolhouse Planner - Travel the World !

Have you ever wanted to hop around the globe and discover new places along the way?

Over the last few weeks, the girls and I have had the opportunity to travel around seven continents and visit some exciting new places. As we hopped around the globe, we were able to experience some fun activities along the way!  We even created our own Travel the World lapbook.

 For only $7.95 your Module will include:

  • A custom-design study guide - with additional video links to further expand research and learning
  • Coloring pages made just for this module
  • Activity pages – crossword puzzles & word search
  • Copywork pages – both manuscript and cursive
  • Recipes – to cook up fun in the kitchen!
  • Resource pages to increase knowledge of the study
  • High school expansion – for older students
  • Lapbook Beginnings – our favorite part!
  • Answer keys to each component

My girls love to dress up, tell stories and put on plays.  I took this illustration to set the tone for our study: the earth is the setting for God’s story.  That He, as our Sovereign Creator, made the earth for His Creation.  The Earth is in His hands.

The globe was a very fascinating and new experience for my little girls!  We discussed the shape of the earth and how it spins, or rotates, on its axis once every twenty-four hours.

Then we went to the world map to see how it represents the earth as a single view.  As we looked at the compass rose on our map, we discussed four simple directions: north, south, east, and west.

The girls loved learning about the seven continents.  This was such a new experience for them, especially learning the geography song!  We hopped from North America, to South America, then Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and landed in Antarctica. 

The E-Book Module offers tons of interactive hyperlinks as you travel to each continent.  The hyperlinks are imbedded right in the E-Book.  You do not have to do any of the research!  Just click a link and you will end up on an adventure to: view the major lakes in North America, discover the animals in the South American rainforest, ride the Nile River in Egypt, climb Mount Everest in Asia, and much more! Check this out: Travel the World:  Stop in China

The interactive on-line games are fun and educational!  Some of games we played: name the states in North America, drag the falling continents into place on a globe, and ‘click-the-right-country’ in Europe quiz.  The girls favorite game was the animal matching game in Antarctica.  Check these out: Map the countries of Asia Game and Polar Animal Matching Game


The fun and learning doesn’t stop there!  The module also contains: a word scramble game, word search, crossword puzzle, lapbook pages, copywork, recipes and more!

What did I like best about Travel the World? 

  1. Little teacher prep time – just click and print as many copies as you need
  2. Flexible teaching for mom and adaptable for each child’s learning style
  3. Adaptable to every age child - all the way up to high school !
  4. The ease of teaching from an E-Book full of interactive hyperlinks
  5. The limitless activities available to all ages – easy to customize to your students interests
  6. Excellent coloring pages, copy work Bible verses and map activities

The world is fascinating – take an inside look at the places and design of the earth, and discover HIS STORY along with your child!  Instant E-Book download!

Visit their websites for more details: The Old Schoolhouse Store - E-Book Travel The World and The Old Schoolhouse Store

Priced at only $7.95

Check out what my Crew Mates have to say about their experience with Travel The World at TOS Homeschool Crew


Disclaimer:  This product was given to me for review purposes free of charge, not to be returned to the vendor. All opinions expressed in this review are mine.


  1. Monica,
    Wow, it looks like you guys had so much fun with the module. I really liked it too. I am going to be waiting until next year I think (after we get through the US) to implement it like you did, but I can't wait. I did some stuff with Treyton now, but could tell right away I was overwhelming him, so I scaled it back some.
    Reading your review was fun and entertaining - nice job on a great review.
    BTW - I haven't forgot about you, I plan on taking a look at the font stuff this week, and when we get the chance I want to talk about how you did your photo layouts --- fun!!

  2. Love your review! The photo layouts are great. I especially love the pics of completed activity pages. Nice touch!

  3. LOVE this review!! GREAT job!! Did you use Windows Live Writer for your post? Love the albums!!!! Looks like you had lots of fun!!!!

  4. Great review and great photos!

  5. Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I'm spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Nice job.. I loved the photos!


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