Sunday, May 16, 2010

Download N Go Expedition Australia

I have always loved the idea of unit studies, especially those that incorporate multi-level teaching.  Planning lessons is time consuming for a homechool mom, but Amanda Bennett has done the work for me!

I found this Download N Go Expedition Australia unit to be "a busy homeschool moms friend".  The Amanda Bennett unit is packed full of hands-on learning adventures for children grades K - 4.  This is "not just another unit study".  It offers very full daily lesson plans for one week (or two if you like) along with notebooking and lapbooking activities.

Each child completes a personal lapbook during their adventure to Australia.  The notebooking pages offer enjoyable and colorful graphics.  I found this to stimulate my visual learners as well as hold their interest throughout the study.

You can download lessons for the Download N Go unit in an instant from your own personal computer!  You do not have to wait on a mail order, hoping it will arrive in time for your study.  The embedded hyperlinks instantly connect you to videos, online games and informative web sites.  What a time save for mom!  It includes a great list of books you may find from your local library to enrich your study, but they are not required.

The first day you learn about continents and where Australia is on the globe. Then each day's study includes the following:
  • Research a geographic feature - Great Victorian desert, Great Barrier Reef
  • Australian word of the day - Barbie, fair dinkum
  • An Australian animal of the day  - kangaroo, wombat and more
  • Weather in each Australian city as compared to where you live
  • Measure the distance between where you live to a particular Australian city
  • Draw pictures, internet resources and spelling / vocabulary words
As your child explores and investigates Australia, they are also creating and building a life-long memory - the lapbook! 

The Download N Go units are a perfect fit for my family!  For the price, the time it saves me in preparing my own units, and the instant ease of implementation, I will definitely be adding more units in our studies this coming year.

Pricing: $7.95 each (less as you buy more units)
Age:  K - 4th grades
Studies include: history, geography, reading, science, spelling, vocabulary, writing, art and more!
Supplies needed: notebook, file folders (or card stock), art supplies and access to a computer

Visit Amanda Bennett's Download N Go website at Her other unit studies are available at

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