Friday, October 8, 2010

MFW Adventures: Wrap-Up for Week 9

Another great week with MFW Adventures:  Jesus the Rock, George Washington, and the Seasons!

But first I must show you what I tripped over one evening as I walked down the basement to do laundry…. the dolls were EVERYWHERE ….

IMG_0667 IMG_0666

Dinner for four here… and tea-time for four over there…

IMG_0668 IMG_0665

Granny was in a dress and wheelchair here… and there was a restaurant full over there. How could I yell about the mess left out – it was too cute! 

And that’s not all.  The girls set up the barn with animals, the bedrooms were by the TV, and the bathroom was just by the steps – waiting for me to trip over again !  Ok – on to our week with MFW Adventures!

Bible: Our memory verse this week was Matthew 7:24 “… a wise man who built his house on the rock.”  Jesus is our Rock and Redeemer!  We also went through a few Psalms written by David. We sang Psalm 62 and focused on how God is our rest, rock and refuge in times of need!   In 2 Samuel, we learned how the Lord loves it we sing to Him and praise His name in song!  Then in Isaiah 26 God reminds us that we can trust in the Lord for peace and safety.  The verses and promises in God’s Word this week were absolutely refreshing to my soul!  His promises are as solid as a ROCK – no other “god” offers these promises!

Science: This week’s science focus was on the four SEASONS!  The girls traced their arm and hand for the design of each tree truck and the branches.  Then they painted the details of each season – creating a personal Book of SeasonsCheck out Mama Jenn’s blog for the Season printable here.

IMG_0655 IMG_0659

IMG_0658 IMG_0743

IMG_0744 IMG_0745

This is Spring with Pet Shop pet stickers. Here is Winter with snow stamps and a penguin sticker.

When the paints came out for one project it soon led to hours of more painting, painting, and more painting of My Little Pony and the Princesses!

IMG_0660 IMG_0661

These were a few of our favorite Book Basket items on trees and the seasons.  Our new read-aloud is Sarah Whitcher’s Story.


  IMG_0664 IMG_0663

History: We read a few books about George Washington, discussed the Yankee Doodle song, and watched a DVD on George.  He is on both the quarter and the $1 bill. 

Drop by this weekend for our “Little House” Happenings field trip photos.

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  1. Looks like you all had a great week. I love the seasons book your girls made. Very creative. They are so gifted...What blessings you have.

  2. Love the seasons book...will have to copy that! We read and LOVED Sarah Witcher. You all will enjoy it for sure!!
    So, what is the Q&A? Let me know!! I'm game!!
    Have a great weekend!! Our baby turns two on Sunday!! I'm getting old...

  3. Looks like a fun week! Love their season paintings.

  4. Monica, I love the way their tree paintings turned out! What a cute idea to use their handprint for the tree trunk! And I know what you mean about getting the paints out. It turns into an all-day Paint Fest, doesn't it?!

    Hope you enjoy your week off and come back feeling refreshed and rejuvinated! :)

  5. The Seasons book is beyond adorable. I so miss the hand crafts! I don't think I can talk my 13, 12, and 9 year old into doing it, though. My 9 year old would but not the others. I'm just grateful they all still enjoy drawing and painting.

    It sounds like you had a lovely week.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!


  6. I love the dolls! Looks like our house :) We did MFW Adventures last year and really enjoyed it.


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