Friday, May 6, 2011

TOS Review: Circle C Beginnings #4…. “Andi’s Scary School Days”

Written by: Susan K. Marlow, Illustrated by Leslie Gammelgaard

“Andi wants no part of school. School means being away from the ranch all day and sitting next to a boy who throws dead flies at her. Andi didn’t think she was afraid of anything—until now. Being sent to the corner for something she didn’t do is the last straw. Andi’s leaving. And she’s not going back.”  


What are Circle C Beginnings Books?

The Circle C Beginnings books are the early readers to Susan K. Marlow’s Circle C Adventures series.  The early readers are written for children ages 6-8 years old who are ready for their first chapter books. 


Andi is 6 years-old and she lives on Circle C ranch in 1874 with her horse Taffy, and her family and friends.




There are free printable activities for each book, as well as, lapbooks you can purchase, free online puzzles, and free printable coloring pages.











What did mom like about Circle C?

I loved how my daughters were so excited to read this book.  The activities pages were also a great addition to the story. I would definitely recommend these books to anyone ready for chapter books. We are looking forward to continuing to read the whole series.

What did the kids like about Circle C?

The girls loved the story and were excited to read about Andi.  They also really enjoyed the activity and coloring pages.

Where can you get the books?

You can purchase them off the Andi and Taffy Website,, and  Prices vary.

Check out the Andi and Taffy Website -  Each book costs $4.99 each.  They also offer package deals: 2 books for $9.98 or 4 books for 15.96.



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Disclaimer:  I received this product free of charge from the vendor.  The opinions expressed are mine.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Yesterday’s Classics



 Are you looking for living books for you family?  What about the classics?  Are you searching for books out of print?

Well, look no further.  Check out this wonderful collection of the BEST classicyc2 literature for children.  Yesterday’s Classics republishes books for children from the era of 1880 to 1920.  Many of their titles are out of print and are hard to find.

They offer history books, poetry, hero tales, nature books, fables, legends, Bible stories, Christmas stories, Fairy Tales, science, literature, Shakespeare, world history and more!  Check out the titles in more detail on their website.

Here are just a few of our favorites.


Special pricing for 225 titles only $99.95 through May 31st!  



Purchase 225 books for only $99.95 (Regular price is $149.95).   Purchase individual books for $2 – $12 each.


The E-books are available in both the Kindle and EPub formats.

EPub format works with E-Reader apps that you can use on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. 

The files are easy to download from 13 zipped files… yes all 225 titles!

My thoughts:

I was so excited for the opportunity to review these books.  What an amazing blessing in our home.  The girls and I absolutely LOVE their books.  I think our family has seen so many books from the library over the past 7 years that the classics were exciting to explore.

It was nice to read books from the computer during our lunch.  I also downloaded the free Natural Reader software.  Then I opened the book the girls wanted to listen too.  I just highlighted the text and listened.

I downloaded the e-reader app on my PC.  The 13 zipped files containing 225 downloaded easily. 

Yesterday’s Classics e-books are very organized too.  They have a list of their books sorted by level, genre, author, title, grade range, and age range.  This file really helped me know what books I should choose from depending on my girls age and interests.

Yesterday’s Classics is a beautiful addition to all households.  You don’t even have to clear off a book shelf to store them!


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Disclaimer:  I received this product free of charge for review purposes only.  The opinions expressed are mine.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Curriculum Clean Out: Winner !



Congratulations Winston Manor for winning Considering God’s Creation science curriculum!


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