Monday, May 7, 2012

MFW ECC Highlights: Australia wk 31-32


Wow…. it’s been more than a month since I have entered the blog world.  We wrapped up our school year early and jumped into spring gardening, field trips and family fun!

Button%202[1]Recap of our week studying Australia using ECC ~ My Father’s World curriculum:



Highlights from our Australia studies:

  • We learned about Uluru – Ayers Rock
  • Studied Kangaroos, koalas and other marsupials
  • Watched shows about The Great Barrier Reef and its life
  • Read about the Australian culture, people and land
  • Made a boomerang


Family Fun and Field trips:

We celebrated Easter and daddy’s health!

Easter 2012

 Our MFW Co-op had an Easter Hunt and outdoor fun!



We learned about fish and set up a 30 gallon tank!  Our first goldfish, Marshmallow, got sick with ‘swim bladder’ and died today,.. bummer!

Fish tank

 The girls celebrated new life with Spring Chicks!


Happy Spring!


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