Monday, April 25, 2011

Giveaway #1: Considering God’s Creation


Curriculum Clean Out #1 for Discover Their Gifts is a Considering God’s Creation  -Teacher’s Manual.



Considering God’s Creation details -

WebsiteConsidering God's Creation “A creative biblical approach to natural science”

Science curriculum for all ages – geared towards grades 2 – 7th

CGCA year’s worth of science covering topics like: creation, the universe, the earth, rocks, weather, plants, animals, man made in God’s image and much more!

What do you need to buy?  A student notebook for only $15

Here’s how to enter:

  1. First entry, leave a comment telling you would like to win
  2. For an additional entry, subscribe / follow me, make another comment by telling me you did.  If you already do, just make a comment that you do – thank you!
  3. Check out Eagle’s Wings website and tell me what lesson you think your kids would enjoy the most -- CGC website.

Be sure to come back tomorrow.  I will be offering Giveaways all week!  Don’t forget to drop by Homeschool Creations blog for a HUGE list of Giveaways this week!

All my giveaway’s will end on Saturday, April 30th.  I will use a random generator to pick the winner on May 1st – US shipments only.  Please make sure I can contact you via email. I will mail your prize via media mail upon receipt of your address.





Friday, April 22, 2011

MFW Adventures: Wrap Up Week 33


I can’t believe we only have two more weeks of Adventures.  What a FUN YEAR!


Our travels this week took us to Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.  We learned about prairie fires, dust storms, the Great Depression era and how it affected farmers and desert life. 

Favorite book basket books:


Roxaboxen by Barbara Cooney was my absolute favorite this week.  I can just picture my girls throughout this whole story.  The children are very creative in their play time.  They play among all ages and both genders…… and enjoy every minute of their time together through the seasons and years. 

This is a must read for all families. 


It reminds me why I love homeschooling my girls. 

My girls play with kids of all ages – boys and girls alike. 

They are very creative when they play implementing real life scenarios (a pharmacy using old vitamin bottles for pills (jelly beans) and hotel room cards as insurance cards), our school studies (traveling to Hawaii in their bathing suits when the house is only 68 degrees and mom’s dressed in slipper socks and 3 sweatshirts) and God’s love (enjoying their siblings because they have time at home with one another (resolving conflicts) unlike many families who run, run, run and run some more).

The pharmacist / nurse is on the left.  She’s in high heels too!

The patient is on the right.  She has a broken arm in a sling (the nurse was calling it a ‘sling shot’) with a bloody leg (made with soap, water and ovaltine……*don’t ask me I’m just the mom).  She put her patient to sleep with garlic water … ick…The patient makes her way around the house in a stroller by Nurse Nana.  Okay… so there is stuff scattered e v e r y w h e r  e…….hum….they flee for clean up time.



Our favorite VIDEOS for history this week:


The Miracle Worker movie is about Helen Keller.  WARNING: Do NOT be surprised is if your kids start acting like the “rotten little Helen” before she met her teacher.  It may get a little annoying !

Prairie Primer Co-op - More History:

Check out the kids final projects for our Little House Co-op.  Each family studied an Indian tribe. Details here -  2 Ladybugs and A Lizard’s blog.







We used the book If I Lived With The Iroquois

Our lapbook is from Homeschool Share’s website.


HomeschoolHighlightsDon’t forget to see what other MFW families are doing this week.

Hosted by Kattie this week - 2 Ladybugs and A Lizard.






Thursday, April 21, 2011

MFW Adventures: Wrap Up Week 32


History / Science:

We are closing in on our year traveling the 50 states. 

This week we traveled to Montana, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming.  Our favorite things in these states: evergreens, potatoes, Mount St. Helens and cowboys.  The girls (and mom) learned about inventions like the McCormick’s reaper, the sewing machine and the telephone. 

Speaking of Mount St. Helens – check out this VOLCANO making kit !

Our favorite book basket books:




Jesus the Word: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1. 

Well that’s a difficult concept to understand on this side of Heaven.  Our discussions this week were on how we can see the creativity of God by just looking at nature and how God shares His thoughts, promises and provisions through His Living Word.

Focus verses this week: John 1: 1-4 and Ephesians 4:29


Science:  Our Favorite Apple


Our travels this week took us to Washington state.. the land of apples.  We were to conduct and experiment to see what kind of apple our family likes best.  The girls did this study last fall for our OHC Nature Study … check out the details here!


My This Old Schoolhouse CREW Reviews:

Check out my latest curriculum reviews:  Science Weekly, GoGo Kabongo and Song School Latin 


Signs of Spring ……. 70 one day and 40 the next!




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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sketch Tuesday: Tail End


1320863448_b8d30c9da6_oAssignment:  Sketch Something with a TAIL!

More details – check out Barb’s blog Harmony Art Mom here !


A7 sketched a dog.  This is a big deal for her.  She usually just traces a picture and colors it.  This week she actually drew something herself!  I am soooo proud of her … good job girl!

Tail 1


This is M5’s horse……. so cute!

Tail 2

Drop Barb’s blog to see next week’s assignment !



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Square Foot Garden: Plans

We moved to the country on 2 acres about 3 years ago.  Now that my girls are older, I am ready to plant a few gardens.  I know they will be great helpers and harvesters in what the Lord blesses us with this year!

So I bought the book The All New Square Foot Gardening.  I was sold instantly on how the Square Foot Gardens are set up for success and without a back- breaking experience that the tradition garden has had for many ! 




5 – 4’x4’ gardens:  strawberries, asparagus, herbs, vegetables and annuals

2 – 2’x4’ gardens:  an Easter gift for my two girls – herbs, veg. and annuals


The weather here is 40 one day and 80 the next so progress is slow. 


Dad and M5 are cutting the boards to frame out our SFG’s.

Today it is only 60. M7 gets to hang out and watch us work.


One day later when we paint, it’s 82 degrees!  M5 is helping me paint the boards white.  We are hoping the boards do not rot as quickly if they are painted with Kilz. 


  Progress on our garden has stopped until late April when dad can help put them together and hull the soil.  It’s rainy and 40 this week.  Not a fun time to be outdoors planting a garden.

Drop back soon to see our progress – just after Easter Sunday!

HSVGardenChallengeSee what other’s are doing with their garden planning here at the HSV Garden Challenge – click here.




Sketch Tuesday: Something Purple



This is M5’s ideas for purple: a grape, flower, cup, eggs carton, Easter egg, Princess, Baby Princess and a shell.

Purple 1


This is A7’s spring flower.

Purple 2

What is next week’s assignment?

Sketch something with a tail – more details – check out Barb’s Blog here.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

MFW Adventures: Wrap Up Wks 30 - 31


Bible This Week:

Our memory verse is John 11:25 “Jesus the Resurrection and the Life”. 


If you are looking for some great copywork pages for your Adventures memory verses – check out Mama Jenn’s blog

She has printables for the MFW Adventures memory verses and copywork pages!




Check out our “Names of Jesus” wall so far this year. 


The girls and I are also memorizing the books of the New Testament.


  If you are looking for an easy way to learn the books of the Bible, then go to Jolanthe’s blog – Homeschool Creations.

She has printables that list the books of the Old and New Testament.  There are links among the Awana book verses.  They are broken down in groups of 8 to 10 books, so you and the kids can gradually learn then throughout the year.  I laminate the pages and put them above my morning board. 

We review them each week.  The links are below:

First 8 book of the New Testament

The next 9 books of the New Testament

The last 10 books of the New Testament

All the books of the New Testament



This week’s science for Adventures was about Magnets.  The girls enjoyed the magnets so much that we completed the lessons last week – check them out here!

The local Girl Scouts troop planned a trip to a Planetarium where we viewed constellations.  So that let me to get a few books on constellations and planets before our field trip.

solar systemI printed some solar system work sheets from a website called KB Teachers.

KB Teachers offers worksheets free

They also have a membership package so you can receive access to ALL of their worksheets for only $30 for the year!

Worksheets on the Seasons, Math, Handwriting, Astronomy, Anatomy, Weather and much more!



Our Science - Book Basket books:


Our read aloud:

in grandma attic

Spring is here!


HomeschoolHighlightsHop on over to Kathi’s blog – A Heart Like Water and see what MFW families have done this week!



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