Saturday, September 22, 2012

MFW Creation to the Greeks: Week 2


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My daughter is learning the Greek roots from English from the Roots Up!  Aunt Kattie, from 2 Ladybugs and a Lizard helped her create a notebook ~ check out her blog for more details. 


  She has the girls write the meaning and illustrate it!  SOOooo cute!


Bible and History:

This week’s Bible lesson was in Genesis 2 – 7.  We learned about Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah’s Ark.  The girls completed their timeline figures. 

I pulled together some memory verses for our school year.  I have the girls use them for their handwriting / illustration lessons.



We are reading through Dinosaurs of Eden

Dinosaurs of Eden: Tracing the Mystery Through History

Aunt Kattie is extending the lesson by having the girls complete a research project on dinosaurs.  We are making dinosaur eggs with Paper Mache. Soon our ‘baby dinosaurs’ will hatch after the kids go on their ‘hunt’ !



She is going to have the kids make fossils.  Tune back for more details and pictures.

Check out the resources for our Dinosaur project and research report at The Crafty Classroom blog.

 Family fun:

My new niece ~ Kynlee

kynlee 1


Saturday, September 8, 2012

MFW Creation to the Greeks: Week 1


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History and Bible:

We are studying Creation through the Greeks this year!  This is our timeline:

IMG_3291 IMG_3289

 We read through Genesis and learned about the Days of Creation.




 We are adding Considering God’s Creation to our Science studies this year. 

This program has a great selection of science topics using a hands-on lapbook approach my kids LOVE !  We do science twice a week.


MFW Co-op:

Arrows Academy Homeschool Co-op


We are using MFW Creation to the Greeks as our co-op’s core curriculum.  We have selected Homeschool in the Woods Composer studies and Harmony Art Mom ~ Ancient Art and Composer studies to our lessons this year.  Plus we have added two more families to our group.  There are now 14 school age students and 5 preK kids!  It’s going to be a super busy and fun school year!

This week we celebrated the Sabbath meal

The co-op kids designed a challah covering and a floating candle for their feast.  I stitched a fabric piece about 10”x10” for each of the kids.  They used embellishments, fabric, ribbon, felt, fabric markers and glitter to decorate their covering.  Each family made Challah bread in advance to share during our feast.  


Each of our families brought a piece of the Sabbath meal to co-op.


The kids shared the meaning of each food item in the Sabbath meal amongst the group!



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