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MFW ECC Highlights: Week 7–Canada


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 Welcome to “Week 7 in Review” using Exploring Countries and Cultures with My Father’s World!


Bible Focus this week:

mp_tnail_20010901_6People group to PRAY for: Garifuna people who primarily live in Central America (along the Caribbean coast in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras).  We read stories about their ancestors who were shipwrecked and enslaved. 

The great news is that they have both the Old and New Testaments in their language.  Please pray that their people group learn to read God’s Word.  The other great news is that missionaries are able to share Jesus with them.


Missionary:  William and Catherine Booth – founders of the Salvation Armybooth

The Booths demonstrated many Biblical character traits as they shared Jesus in their community.  We focused on three this week:

  1. Boldness   
  2. Creativity
  3. Discipline 

Are you looking for copywork pages for your ECC Hero Tales?  Check out Mama Jenn’s website – link here



Geography Focus this week: Canada


  1. Canada fun pages – Flag, money and passport  – World Fact cards 
  2. Fun stuff from Expedition Earth curriculum -
    1. Inuit Eskimo videos – the eskimo family hunts, build an igloo and attends church – it’s pretty amazing!
    2. Niagara falls facts – this is where my husband and I got married
    3. Ice Sculpture Art fun! (see photo below)
  3. Paper dolls – Inuit Eskimo – from



We completed the ICE sculpture project from the Expedition Earth curriculum. 

Just color water with food coloring and freeze it in ice cube trays and cups of various sizes. 

I worked with the girls individually to build their sculpture.  It was much easier the second time around. 

NOTE – Just take out the cubes you are using at that moment – one at a time.  Keep the other trays in the freezer.  The colder they are ~ the better they stick to one another.  


Then came the ……. squinchies and dinosaurs…..

IMG_2397  Lots of kids play time……the ice burgs melt……and a lovely mess!


Science Focus this week:

  1. Food chains – I downloaded some great worksheets from Enchanted Learning
  2. Scavengers (vultures) and decomposers (bacteria/fungi) 
  3. Herbivores, carnivores and omnivores




6093215691_964db3c3db_mNature Study:  Check out the details to our Monarch and Milkweed study here



ECC Co-op Kids:

  1. Painted our Clay Sun51BGcae5giL__SL500_AA300_
  2. Inuit Soap Carving
  3. Watch a great video on food chainsScience Fundamentals Ecosystem and Biomes. It is for grades 2 – 6.  My girls loved it and they are only 6 and 8 yrs.





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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Nature Study: Milkweed & Monarch



  My girls and I are working through Barb’s Autumn ~ 2011 ‘’More Nature Study with the OHC” e-book.  It’s super cheap and packed FULL of FUN with your kids.  The lessons are guided so there is no busy work for mom!



We went to my dad’s field behind his house to find the milkweed.  You can see the big pods.  We did not get to study them when the flowers were in bloom.  We plan to plant some seeds this fall and hope to see them bloom in the spring!


These are what we call the milkweed beetlesCheck out their babies!



This is the Monarch Butterfly caterpillar!  The monarch lays just ONE egg on a milkweed leaf.  The eggs hatches 4 days later and the caterpillar has the leaf to munch on and grow



This is the inside of the milkweed pod.  There are tons of seeds inside.  As the pods dry in September and October, the seeds fall to the ground.  In the spring, new plants emerge!  This is the part of the study my girls and I are looking forward too!


These are the OHC Milkweed study worksheets!  I taped real seeds to the paper.  The fluffy part above the seeds are so silky soft.  It helps the seeds travel in the wind for new plants to germinate!  God’s design is so unbelievable!


Our resources for this week’s Nature Study:


  1. Barb’s - Outdoor Hour Challenge: Milkweed – details here
  2. Handbook of Nature Study
  3. Monarch and Milkweed – Frost


Friday, September 23, 2011

MFW ECC Highlights: Week 5 - Mexico


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  Welcome to our “Week 5 in Review” using Exploring Countries and Cultures with My Father’s World!


Geography Focus this week:

IMG_2371The girls packed their bags and headed to Mexico this week! 

They received their airline tickets and some spending money – pesos.




 I used the money and airline ticket idea from Gator mom @ Baby Gator University.  Here’s her blog post link – scroll down to where you see her picture of a passport, money and airline ticket.  She has two links in her post. 


My girls loved packing their backpacks (dolls and a pillow pet included) to board the plane!


We are using Expedition Earth curriculum along with our ECC lessons.




Science Focus this week:

  • Our ECC Co-op went to the local zoo
  • We studied the desert ecosystem 
  • We studied a few desert animals in depth – Gila monster, desert tortoise, kangaroo rat and the rattle snake
  • How animals cope with the desert temperatures
  • Temperature experiment in the shade and sun



The girls learned about how a cold blooded animal , like a turtle, adapts to temperature in the desert.  We used bean bags turtles and a thermometer to determine temperature differences in the sun and shade.  It was a chilly day for our experiment – it was 60 in the shade and 65 in the sun.


The girls completed Zoo Adventure worksheets on desert animals of their choice from a science curriculum - Considering God’s Creation.  I downloaded resources about each of the animals from the Enchanted Learning website.


Favorite Video this week:

51BGcae5giL__SL500_AA300_Science Fundamental – Ecosystems and Biomes





Bible Focus this week:

  • 514SBN1Z1QL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_
  • Missionary focus from our read aloud – Heaven’s Heroes: Cameron Townsend

Our Matthew readings were from chapters 3 - 4 this week.  We learned what it means to be an ambassador of Christ and that our citizenship is in Heaven! 


Memory Verse: Matthew 4:4 “Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” 

  • Prayer wall – the people of Cuba


ECC Co-op Kids:

Kattie led our art lessons with a clay sun.  It is drying and we will be painting it next week. 


Jessica led our cooking – yummy homemade corn tortillas topped with beans and cheese


Our week ended with a trip to a local Mexican Restaurant!


 Our nature study this week was on the Milkweed (I hope to post it soon).

Favorite Resources this week:

Be sure to drop by Kattie’s blog – 2 ladybugs and a lizard to see what other’s are doing in My Father’s World.


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