Sunday, November 20, 2011

MFW ECC Highlights: Week 14 - France


MFW HH buttonWelcome to our “Week 14 in Review” in Exploring Countries and Cultures using My Father’s World curriculum!


Bible Focus this week:

We have been reading through the book Window on the World  this school year.  The stories have opened my eyes to the persecution other people groups face around the world.  I have been able to have some great discussions with my children.  Just the freedom we have to worship our Lord opening, without persecution or fear, is a blessing I hope future generations will enjoy. 


We have been praying for cultures who struggle, as the result of communist rulers: Romania, Quechua, and Albania.  The stories are uplifting and help us reflect on all the blessings we, as Americas, enjoy.  Plus they give us an ‘other-focus’.



Hero Tales has been a great addition to our study of Character Traits.  This week we learned about Menno Simons.  He rejected the un-Biblical teachings of the organized church and took a stand for truth!  We studied integrity, loyalty and sacrificial love. We also read through the miracles of Christ in the book of Matthew chapter 9.



Geography Focus this Week:


   We headed to France this week! 



The toothpick Eiffel Towers were wobbly but the kids had lots of fun!





Our favorite books this week:





Science Focus this Week:


The girls are reading through The Complete Book of Animals

We learned about Caves, Bats, and how animals adapt to their environment to survive.


My girls tend to enjoy colorful worksheets.  So I grabbed some cute clip art of plants and animals that adapt to their environment.


I then typed up the ‘adaptation’ information from the MFW teacher’s manual.   The girls enjoyed cutting and pasting their answers.



Family Fun: Operation Christmas Child

Sam purse

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  The next link up for MFW Highlights will be here on December 1st.



  1. Lovely week! I love your French activities and your book selections.

  2. Yay for Operation Christmas Child! The toothpick towers look great :)

  3. Thank you for blogging your journey! I am also doing MFW ECC and we are in week 13. I follow your link-ups and glean so many wonderful ideas from you all. I need to write a homeschool post so I can link up with you all. Many blessings to you!


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