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KB Teachers: Worksheets & Printable Pages


“KBTeachers brings the best the web can deliver to you and your students -- It is the one-stop destination for teachers and parents who are always on the lookout for new and engaging 21st century teaching tools and materials.”

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If you were to look at the resources I use in our homeschool, you would see LOTS of living books and hands-on fun!  I have learned of the past few years that my oldest daughter, 7, does not enjoy worksheets or workbooks but living books.   But my younger daughter, who’s 5, absolutely LOVES worksheets and activity pages.

What is my point?  Well, I have had the opportunity to review a web-based program called KB Teachers.  KB offers excellent resources for both my girls who have two totally different learning styles.

What is KB Teachers?  It is a site for Teachers and Parents that offers over 10,000 worksheets and printable pages for students in ALL grades (even high school).   KB stands for Knowledge Bears and they are celebrating their 10th year in service. 

What does it cost?  KB Teachers does not charge per download or workbook, but only $29 per year or $49 for two years.  They offer a free trial too on their website. 

KB premium members will receive a weekly email listing new resources added to the website, holiday pages, suggested lessons, and webquest links.

Here’s a few of my favorite worksheets:  These are worksheets that I typed in the text and my daughters drew the pictures.  They begged for more!!  They copied the text below the typed text too (it’s hard to see).

kb9 kb10

KB Teachers offers over 10,000 resources, on tons of subjects and all grade levels! (even high school)

Geography, Alphabet pages, Holiday, Handwriting, Grammar, Math, Money, Time, History, Story Writing, Puzzles, Crafts, Human Body, Botany, and much more! 

ONLY $29

$2.40 per month

Check out a few samples below (primarily early elementary because of the age of my girls):

Math worksheets



Science Worksheets 



Language Arts (I primarily used early elementary)





Summary of what KB Teachers has to offer YOU and your students:

* One click worksheet generators and alphabet factory
* Create an unlimited number of engaging printable activities - For all ages and grade levels – the resources are unlimited!
* Exclusive
graphics and clipart - Decorate your website, Blog, activity sheets!
* Diverse educational resources - From simple ABC worksheets, to 20 pages exams
Free 24/7 Support - If we don't have it, we'll create it - or help you find it
* Answer Keys - Proofed and checked quality materials you can trust
* Updated regularly - New features and member created content added every week
* Nothing to download, instant access - From any internet connection

Visit their website here -  KB Teachers! 

My review summary … buy it! It’s so worth the money at only $2.40 per month.  It’s a great resource for all teachers and parents.


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Disclaimer:  This product was given to me for review purposes free of charge, not to be returned to the vendor. All opinions expressed in this review are mine.


  1. You found a lot more fun stuff than I did!! I enjoyed them, but didn't find as much.
    You'll have to let me know where you found the copywork maker.

  2. Ove the worksheets and the illustrated sentences!

  3. Wow!!! Awesome review!!! We didn't get much use out of the website but you sure make it look like we missed a few things!!! Hope all is well! Happy Thanksgiving!


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