Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MFW Adventures: Wrap Up for Week 12

In My Father’s World Adventures, we are starting our beginning our walk across the country to each state.  Within each state, we will study the capital, features, landmarks, state bird and flower, state flag, the abbreviation, and find each on our map.  We are traveling the country in order of statehood, starting with the 13 colonies.

The girls are involved in a 50 state postcard swap with families all over the country.  So far, we have received the first 8 states postcards.  The postcard, flower, and state bird information is taped onto a card stock page and put in the history binder.

ps 1

Below is the state page from MFW Adventures.  I found U.S. State Cards from the Target $1 section in August.  One card is taped in the corner of each state page.  It can be flipped-up to view what is below it.


The Sleeping Bear Press has the BEST STATE BOOK read-alouds. I can get them from our local library.  A few of this week’s favorites:

image image

This is the link to all of the state books Discover America .

This is our wall map. I copied the state flags from the MFW student pack.  Each day the girls put them on the map (using poster putty and a toothpick).



Below is our “Order of Statehood Flags” lined up in our pocket chart.  I got them as a free printable from CurrClick.


We will also add cards on the presidents, landmarks and more through the year.  

IMG_1091 IMG_1094

The girls made a robin’s nest, liberty bell, and binoculars! We also made Peach Cobbler in our Adventures Co-op for the state of Georgia.



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  1. Oh, your state study looks so orderly and I am sure that they can easily memorize them this way. Wonderful.

  2. What a great idea to add the state flags to the U.S. map! And the state cards . . . yep, we're big fans around here of the Target $1 section! :)

    Good ideas, Monica. Wish we all lived close together and could have one huge Adventures co-op!

  3. I'm with Jennifer! I want to be in an Adventure Co-op with both of you!!

    I love the state flags on the map and so does Senior who was looking over my shoulder- I think I may be locked in now, ha ha.

  4. I'm going to be using Adventures in My Father's World next year with my girls. Just wondering if you're going to leave these postings up for next school year.


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