Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

When I was young, I remember waking up real early to see if Santa put gifts under the tree.  Well, this Christmas morning I felt the startling effects I once inflicted on my parents when my 7 year old comes in the room at 5:30am!  Where you up before the sun rose?

So my husband and I tell our daughter to go empty her stocking and play in the family room.  Well, the 8 little ‘Squinckies’ she received were not entertaining enough when there were other presents to be opened… ya know….don’t ya?

She then comes back to our bed and laid down, then turned, then huffed, then chatted, then rolled around…. and on and on for 30 minutes.  How is a tired parent to fall asleep through that?  Well, she conned us into letting her wake her younger sister at 6:30. 

Christmas gifts were opened in a flash…even though we all took turns.

IMG_1314 IMG_1334

The girls got American Girl dolls, doll clothes, games, and comfy recliners this year!

Over breakfast I had to discuss with the girls the true meaning of Christmas and gift giving.  You know as stay-home-homeschooling moms we teach our kids the meaning of Christmas over the WHOLE MONTH of December and … then December 25th comes and the kids are pee’in on their new toys (if ya know what I mean).  So this year we had lots of share toys, games and doll clothes.  I’m hoping it reduces the number of fights and hearing “That’s MINE!”.  Oh and by the way, when the kids fight over toys I take the toy and dish out some chores.  They are learning to resolve conflict amongst themselves a little better these days.

More Christmas Day family fun photos:




  1. 5:30!! How crazy :)
    I'm glad that you guys had a peaceful Christmas!

  2. Aunt Kattie will be over to help break in the new chairs and dress up some new baby dolls!


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