Thursday, December 23, 2010

Outdoor Hour: Snow


  Are you looking for outdoor fun and learning experiences with your kids during the holiday break ? 

Then check out Barb’s blog - Handbook of Nature Study blog winter nature studies here!


Winter is here … full of fun and beauty so bright!  This is the Blue Spruce right outside our sunroom windows.


I love to see our flag outside the kitchen window.  It’s a reminder of our freedom in this country (which seems to be slipping away before our eyes).  Homeschooling my girls will allow me to teach them the price paid for freedom by our Founding Fathers – not just the textbook authors excerpts. 


Isn’t God creative?  The moon during the day!


Look at the sky … the clouds are powdery! They illustrate the creativity of our Lord.  This is the view just outside my back door.  Can you see why I love living here? 


These gentle giants – Mr. Norway Spruce – reside just 50 feet from my back door.  They sway in unison during the winter wind storms.  They also are home to many squirrels, backyard birds, and buzzards.


Our LIVE Christmas tree settled in the sun room – it’s a Blue Spruce.  The girls enjoyed decorating in the chilly room!  I just took pictures and ran back into the house. 


IMG_1262  IMG_1265

Our puppy, Lola, enjoying her second winter jumping through the snow !


Don’t forget to check out Barb’s Winter Fun for your family here!


  1. I saw the full moon this morning when I was to think about God's Creation whenever it shows up. :)

    I really enjoyed seeing your winter trees and snow and I appreciate you sharing your link.

    Have a wonderful end of the year!

  2. What a beautiful winter you shared. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love that photo of the powdery clouds! Beautiful!


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