Saturday, September 25, 2010

MFW Adventures: Wrap-Up for Week 7

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Another lovely week with My Father’s World Adventures

Bible: Our Bible lessons continued with the promise of Jesus as “The Bread of Life”.  We discussed the story in 1 Kings 17 about the woman who gave her last bit of bread to Elijah.  There was a famine at the time.  Elijah asked her to share her food.  She then had to make a choice to entrust herself and family to God and she did.  Her unselfishness resulted in blessings and plenty from the Lord.

We have joined another family for Adventures activities and here is what we got into this week.

Napkin Holders: Jesus Is The Bread of Life

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History:  We have been reading about the Pioneers settlements.  They used canoes to transport everything they own, trade with the Indians, and for travel.  My girls could not believe that they could put the whole contents of their home in one canoe.  I think they are still trying to comprehend the hardships of the time and how few items people really need to survive.  We also discussed how God meets our needs – not stuff and we have plenty of that!

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image The American Pioneers and Patriots book has been one of our favorite read-alouds.  This is a must read for anyone studying early American history.

We just finished reading The Courage of Sarah Noble. image What a lovely book!


And to wrap up our week, we watched The Sign of the  image Beaver.

This movie gave the girls a visual for the hardships of the time period.  It also caused a few tears too. I just got the book on CD from library.


Science:  Science was in the kitchen this week. The kids did the Yeast Experiments from week 6. 

The experiment was to determine what would happen when you combine a few ingredients in a bottle with a balloon. 

Bottle 1: add water, yeast and sugar.  Bottle 2: add water, yeast and salt.


What happened?  The yeast uses sugar as food and this produces a gas called carbon dioxide. 

This is what makes bread rise. 

So we made bread, let it rise, punched it, and let it rise again!  Then we had to leave our friends so we didn’t get to see or eat the finished product…


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The girls are writing the yeast experiment results on their Science Journal pages.  Check out Mama-Jenn’s Science Observation Page.

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Well… it’s off to the creek we go……to find a toad…and

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… play in flip flops - which soon go sucked deep into the creek mud… and what’s a nature walk without a few guns to protect us….

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Ok … we didn’t make play dough yet – mom has to be in her ‘right mind’ for that project – if that ever happens

Leaf rubbings are much less messy don’t ‘ya say?

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Check out what others did this week at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

weekly wrap-up

Tune in next Friday for week 8 of MFW Adventures!  Don’t forget to see what we are doing in our Prairie Primer and Nature Study activities!



  1. Looks like a great week. I know my kids would love playing in that creek. Lots of fun stuff.

  2. You guys are having so much fun. I really need to get outside with my boys more- somehow the prospect of caring the baby while the two year old throws a fit and begs to be carried is not appealing to me- but you are inspiring me :) Oh, and thanks for the tip about The Sign of the Beaver, I didn't think to look for it as a movie.

  3. I remember reading the Pioneers & Patriots book when my kids were younger. It was one of our favorites. The "everything in a canoe" lesson might be a good one for me too. You definitely couldn't accumulate clutter in those days!
    Janet W

  4. Yes, leaf rubbings are MUCH less messy!! I'm glad you mentioned Sign of the Beaver - I had no idea it was a movie, too! That might help us out a little next week!

    I just linked to you in a game of tag. Don't feel pressured to play, but it would be fun to read your answers if you get a chance! :)

  5. I love the bread project!! So cute! Following you from Weekly Wrap Up. Have a great week!

  6. Brings back some fond memories of our days using MFW Adventures :)

    Great post!



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