Friday, March 25, 2011

MFW Adventures: Wk 29 & Family Fun


Our Adventures took us to Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, and Nebraska this week.  We learned about pioneer travels, the Hoover Dam, and Arbor Day.

Our favorite history Book Basket books:



  One of my favorite things about My Father’s World curriculum is their “Book Basket”  list in the teacher’s manual.  Each week, of our 34 weeks of lessons, has a list of anywhere from 10 – 20 books that I can chose from to enhance our studies.  I am blessed to live near some of the best libraries around.  

These are a few of our favorite books this week!


Science:  Our science this week was about Magnets.  The girls had so much fun that we did 2 weeks of lesson in one day!  The activities in the kit are so fun and amazing that your kids will be entertained for hours!

I bought this Magnet Kit from the MFW Adventures Deluxe Package.








The kit contains all the items you need to do about 20 magnet activities.

magTo add to our stud,y I got a DVD about Magnetism from the library.

It is geared toward kids in grades 5 – 8 but the girls and I were able to understand the concepts presented.  It is entertaining and informative.



Bible: Our memory verse this week was John 10:14 “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep, and my sheep know me.

We read through some of the Psalms of David.  David loved to write songs to God.  It was refreshing to hear him pour his heart out to the Lord. Check out Psalm 28, 15, 100 and 23 – they will lift you up!

HomeschoolHighlightsThat wraps up our week in Adventures – check out what other MFW families did this past week at A Heart Like Water.


It was a family fun filled week this week……..

Prairie Primer:  Our Little House co-op kids sang songs, played ‘one potato – two potato”, and hopscotch as Mary and Laura enjoyed in Little House in the Prairie.



We visited Grandma and the cousins.








The cat disrupted our school day…by shredding the paper towel roll and sleeping on it! He is so proud of himself.







…… bad bad cat…………………


The girls earned a trip to a local ‘Fun Place’ with a few friends.


And the winner of the “Fun Day” ends the afternoon on stage!




  1. What a great week!! Your girls are having so much fun. I can't wait to get to the magnets- Senior asks for them every time I open the homeschool closet ;-) Did you guys hatch the baby chicks?

  2. Looks like you had a great week full of fun! Good job, Gilby, you keep shredding up the toliet paper :)

  3. LOL! Your cat sounds a lot like our cat ;)

  4. So the cat is kind of like Kid #3, right?! ;) Looks like y'all packed a lot into your week. I always love seeing what your Little House Co-op is up to! :)


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