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MFW ECC Highlights: Saudi Arabia ~ wks 21-22


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  Welcome to “Weeks 21 and 22 in Review” in Exploring Countries and Cultures using MFW.


Welcome to our travels to Saudi Arabia!

  • We prayed for the people of the Middle EastIMG_3024
  • Camel lapbook
  • How do I impact the environment ?
  • Endangered and extinct species
  • Pollution ~ air and water, acid rain
  • Make hummus
  • Learn the Lord’s prayer
  • Read about God’s promises
  • Learn about Muhammad and Mecca
  • Impressionist Art Study



wow… what a busy two weeks for us!  Now here’s a few pictures to show we how much fun we had!


Middle Eastern Cuisine at a local Restaurant!




Our ECC Co-op Kids ~ Valentine’s Exchange and Party






A science experiment in our kitchen on “ the density of 3 liquids”.

  1. Corn syrup
  2. Canola oil
  3. Water
  4. and a few objects like a coin, cork, small toy and a grape




Our Camel Lapbook from




Our ECC Co-op Artist Impressionist study:  Paul Klee

The kids used oil pastels on watercolor paper.  They then went over the oils with watercolor paint.  The last step, to make the picture have a 3D look, was to add construction paper layers … as in an underwater scene.



Our favorite resources this week:


Please link of and share your week using MFW!  Next week’s link will be hosted by Kattie @ 2 Ladybugs and a Lizard blog.

Enjoy your week,



  1. That camel lapbook looks pretty neat. I found a really cool density experiment similar to what you guys did on pinterest, but we haven't had time to try it yet :(

  2. Those pics look GREAT! The more i see of MFW ECC in action, the more excited i am to use it next year :)

  3. I always love to see what you are doing. You are a couple weeks ahead of us so I love to stop in for some inspiration. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!


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