Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: Mad Dog Math

Mad Dog Math was developed by a third grade teacher, Julie Kotoff, to help her students with multiplication and division facts.  The ‘pencil – paper’ program soon evolved into computer software enhanced with all four math facts, including addition and subtraction.
It is designed as a supplement for grade K – 5th and students older who struggle with their math facts.  Mad Dog Math has taken the basic math facts and broken them down into bite-size pieces for mastery.
  1. All four math operations (- + x /) – just chose what your student needs
  2. Bite-size pieces of facts for mastery – less frustrated kids!
  3. Progress through a series of timed practice sheets at the child’s pace
  4. Tracks the progress of multiple students through all levels
  5. Allows students to earn ‘Student Club Stickers’ as they pass levels
  6. Brief, timed lessons – only 5-10 minutes each day
Mad Dog Math levels: There are three levels and a challenge level.  The student can take the school year to progress through one level. 
My thoughts:  My girls used Level One which is broken down by ‘fact family’ – addition or subtraction. There are about 20 problems in each lesson.  The lessons are brief and fun for them.  I had them do 3 of the “2 Minute Club” lessons.  They enjoyed being timed and we motivated to try and beat their time next round.  Mad Dog Math is the first and only math drill program my girls have enjoyed.
  1. Brief lessons that are fun
  2. Simple program and easy for the kids to use
  3. Easy key strokes – key the answer and the tab moves to the next fact
  4. Super for kids who are competitive   
I enjoyed that I could check their progress by clicking the ‘progress’ button.
Mad Dog Math at Homeclick here for more details
Watch a video about the program on their website here
  • 1 year license download for ALL levels – $19.99
  • 2 year license download for ALL levels – $29.99
  • Perpetual license download for ALL levels – $39.99
  • (available in both a 32-bit and 64-bit format)
Check out the Mad Dog Math website  -

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