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Not Back-to-School Blog Hop: School Room Week


NNTS blog hop Welcome back to Week 2 of the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop.  This week the NBTS blog hop features blogging-mom’s school rooms, converted work spaces, or dining room tables……the place where we, as teacher’s, mom’s, and boo-boo-kissers settle to complete our academics! 

My school is featured below, but don’t forget to check out where others are doing school too - School Rooms

Our school room is in the basement.  It’s a little chilly sometimes but I enjoy a dedicated spot to preformed our academics.  I can walk upstairs away from the clutter, books, and fun to a kitchen full of dirty dishes.

Are you ready for the tour?  Put on your slippers, the floor is cool.

Welcome to where our school work is done.  The tall desk with the green chair is mine… it rolls all over! wheeeeeeeee    The girls work at the glass covered table and the little brown desk.


This is where the “bad student” sits… not really.  It is a walk in closet / storage area where the door shuts.  This is where one of the girls will sit for an independent lesson, like math, or a quiet area.


Next is our All About Spelling work area!  I have an old coffee table with a magnetic dry eraser board set on it.  Simple huh? 


There is a rug under this table to warm your toes! 





Now, let’s look at our Morning Board.  This is what makes the girls race to get ready in the mornings to start school FIRST.  Whoever is late for school does not get to participate in the fun activities….. when mom is late she is disciplined too…15 less minutes of blogging time in the evening (eek!).

A few of our activities on the Morning Board: “First 100 days of school”, color of the day, “Make the Date” (with coins), Calendar, Tally marks for the date, Weather chart, Today-tomorrow-yesterday, phone number, address, and more!

More of our Morning Board: Bible verse of the week, Books of the Bible memory time, Pledge of Allegiance, Tooth chart, Birthdays of the month, States we plan to drop by this year with our MFW Adventures studies, and Seasons…..wheeeeee I’m out of breath!  Are you ready to move on?

Now for our Workboxes… customized to fit our school room needs!  We do drawers… 12”x12” scrapbooking size (hope to use them for that one day).  I got them from Hobby Lobby and Target.. on sale of course for only $10 a 3- drawer set.


Our Workbox toppers…. which include our readers for the week and memory verse copywork pages!  Aren’t the baskets cute?  Got them on sale at Hobby Lobby.


Look up now… it’s our AAS cards and sight words.


Now are you ready for this?!  I spend ENDLESS HOURS…. in the basement of course, putting together our Workbox Cards for these grid pages….can I say… I LOVE THEM.  I hope my kids do too.  We start school tomorrow!


On the shelf behind the workbox cards are the school supply totes.  They are filled with an endless supply of pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, and glue… NO excuse for NOT having a pencil this year!  They will be getting more pencils for Christmas this year too!  Smart huh?  The totes only cost $2.50 at Target.

Off to our MFW Adventures Book Basket.. watch out it is just below your feet!


Back out the door this way… and you IMG_0251                                                          pass our very-simple-start-of-a-timeline, USA wall map, and a dry eraser board. 

Hope you enjoyed your visit!

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  1. Your schoolroom looks great!

    I just finished putting together a very similar morning board...looking forward to doing it with my kiddos tomorrow :)

    I plan on getting working on the workbox cards next week, I just have to get more velcro...I am going through that stuff like mad!

  2. Great room!!! Love how it's organized.

    We just redid our room and I'm much happier. Thank you IKEA. LOL

    And I'm totally wanting AAS. Except my oldest is a fabulous speller and it seems silly to "reinvent the wheel" at this stage of the game. I can't wait til my youngest is old enough. But, alas, she is only two so I guess I'll be waiting. LOL

  3. We share a couple things in common. We use workboxes too (but we use flat bins instead of drawers) and we use All About Spelling (but our magnet board lives in the garage and only comes in for our daily lesson, otherwise the preschooler walks off with the magnets). It's always interesting to read different people's takes on the same thing. Thank you for sharing on the NOT Back-to-School blog hop.

  4. What a wonderful room! Love the AAS and sight cards setup! We don't have any fancy stuff like that YET! Those things make it look much more fun~that is so important to me this year, too, to make things more fun for these boys. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Wow, you've got some great storage! This is our first year in this house, so hopefully I can figure out a way to organize everything so things run smoothly. :) I am starting workboxes this year, so that will be a good start! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. i lvoe it!!!
    is that the grid from homeschool creations? I think that looks great, and would much easier than teh traditional way. Very nice space! Have a fantastic school year!
    angela @

  7. the baskets are cute - have a great school year

  8. This looks so great! I'll have you know I'm very jealous about all the room you have for your school!! :)

  9. This looks wonderful! I especially like the designated space for AAS. Ours is still on cookie sheets which get put away each time we use it.

  10. What a wonderful space for learning! Our school room is in our basement, too, and I know what you mean about chilly floors!

    Your girls are adorable! Have a fantastic year of homeschooling!

  11. Great space! We are doing MFW too (ECC). I love the boxes on your workbox station-may have to go check out Hobby Lobby today! =) thanks for sharing

  12. Your room looks great. Can't wait to meet you and your family.

  13. I love the way you "walked" us through your space! I am wanting AAS too but was afraid my pre-schoolers would walk off with the pieces! LOVE your morning board! Hope you have a great school year (=

  14. You did such a nice job setting everything up. It looks like you're all set for a great year. I hope you have lots of fun. God bless!


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