Thursday, September 8, 2011

MFW ECC Highlights: Week 3


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 Welcome to our “Week 3 in Review” with Exploring Countries and Cultures using My Father’s World.



Geography Focus this week:

  • IMG_2269Continent: North America
  • Country:  The United States of America
  • Names of the 50 states
  • The flag – stars and stripes
  • Where do we live on the globe?
  • Our country’s facts and landmarks
  • Children around the U.S.A.

    Bible Focus this week:

    • Missionary: Dwight L. Moody – from shoe salesman to sharing the gospel of Jesus
    • Character traits: Strength, Boldness and Repentance
    • Missionary kids in the US
    • Memory verse: John 3:16

    Science Focus this week:Geog Voc wk 3

    • Forests: coniferous and deciduous forests
    • What kind of animals live in the forest ?
    • Animal lapbooks and 3D woodland animals
    • Way Cool Science Biotrackers DVD
    • Layers of the forest

    I will be posting our Nature Walk about trees soon!

    The Geography Vocabulary notebook displays a forest animal, the raccoon.   My daughter used the Draw Write Now book for instructions on how to draw the it.

    The girls colored 3D forests and their animals.  I got them from a Rod and Staff  Inside and Outside workbook.



    51R3SVasjeL__SL500_AA300_my favorite resource this week:

    ~ a 30 minute video called Way Cool Science: Biotrackers

    It is an overview of the habitats and their animals, within each continent. 

    This DVD is very worth tracking down from the library.


    Animal Focus this week:

    I let the girls pick 2 animals from each continent to study.  They get to put a lapbook together in their binders.  Most of my resources are from Homeschool Share and the library.

    M6 picked a porcupine but instead I thought she picked a hedgehog.  So I got all the books and lapbook mini folders cut out and wahhhh-lahhhhh ~ hedge hogs do NOT come from North America (shhh but we did it anyway).

    Hedgehogs 2Hedgehogs

    ECC Co-op Kids Art: Sand Paint


    Read-aloud this week:                


  • More resources we enjoyed this week:

    Check what other’s are doing in My Father’s World – drop by 2 Ladybugs And A Lizard.



    1. Your lapbooks are awesome! I LOVE, LOVE the drawing of the raccoon- beautiful!! What a great week. We are off to Mexico next week so we will see you there ;-)

    2. Looks great! Just put the Biotrackers DVD on hold at the library!

    3. The lapbooks look like fun, I'll have to research that. Thanks for sharing your week!

    4. I love the racoon and I'm sure they love learning about the hedgehog too!

    5. Your daughter's raccoon notebook looks awesome!

    6. Looks like you really enjoyed your 3rd week of ECC -- we did too! Love that 3D forest you made -- so neat!!

    7. That forest is fantastic!! And your daughter's notebooking page is also great! (I need to head your direction and get you and Kattie to teach art to Hannah and Camille!) ;)

      Oh, and the hedgehog thing ... yeah ... it's our little secret! ;)

    8. Oh wow!! That raccoon drawing is AWESOME!! Seeing all these ECC highlights makes me excited for the next couple of years to come!! :-)

    9. My daughter chose to do a hedgehog lapbook too! I couldn't talk her into something more native to N.America. But, they are found in the temperate it ties in with our Science. :)

    10. I really like the extras you've added to ECC -- and that you actually use them! I sometimes add to what we're using, but don't know how or where to implement them. Your blog will be a great reference for when we go through ECC again in a couple of years!

    11. great unit study! Thanks for linking up!


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