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MFW ECC Highlights: Fall Art & Nature


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Welcome to our '’Week 10 in Review” using Exploring Countries and Cultures in My Father’s World!


We continued our studies in Brazil, South America this week.  I featured our Rain Forest lapbook, art and link in last week’s post.

Nature Study and Fall Art fun:

This week was full of hands-on ‘fall’ fun and artwork.  I would like to share our projects and links so you can see how to complete them at home.

Rain Forest ~ Thumb / Finger print art & watercolors:


I got this cute project from 1+1+1=1 blog. You just need watercolors, ink pads, the tree worksheet from the blog post, stamps and a little hand willing to make finger/thumb prints! 

My girls added a few animals found in the layers of the Rain Forest.


Watercolor Crayon Resistant Leaf


You just need some corrugated cardboard, water colors, crayons and a few leaves.  I got this project from an excellent resource – Art Projects For Kids blog.  Click here for details.


ECC Co-op Kids craft:


The ECC co-op Kids really enjoyed this fabric project lead by Kattie @ 2 Ladybugs and a Lizard.  Check out the details on her blog here.


My daughter asked to take her fabric craft one step further by sewing a star pillow!  We are still learning how to sew therefore simple projects work out best.




Nature Study ~ Fall Color



My girls went on a nature walk (in their pj’s) to collect leaves of all colors.


Using PrismaColor pencils, I had my girls lightly color a 1” area on the left side of their Nature Study sketch pad.  They then had to write down the specific color of the pencil lead (eg. - vermillion red or lemon yellow).  Next, they had to find a leaf similar to that color and tape it in the center of the page using double sided tape.

In the last step, I had them use Kimberly Watercolor pencils.  On the right side of the page, they were to find two watercolor pencil colors similar to the leaf colors and then color a small area with each next to each other.  They then blended the two colors with a paint brush wet with just water.  This allowed them to see how different shades can blend with ease.


I will be posting more details about our Nature Walk soon. 

Check out what we have done with our weekly Nature Walks scheduled for Wednesdays in the MFW ECC Teacher’s Manual:

  1. Cobwebs and Spiders
  2. Compare Pears and Apples study
  3. Milkweed and the Monarch
  4. Finding Colors Outdoors

Our current read alouds:

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ECC Resources for Brazil:


Check out what others are doing in My Father’s World this week @ 2 Ladybugs and a Lizard blog.



  1. I'm very impressed with your artistic abilities, and those of your children! Wow, everything looks great!

  2. cute, cute, cute thumbprint art!

  3. wow. what amazing art! it looks like it was a wonderful week!!

  4. I love the thumbprint art and the colors you guys learned about!


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