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Salem Ridge Press Books

As many of you know,  I am on a homeschool product review team called The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool CREW.  My job is to implement the products I receive in my school day and write a review telling you what I think of the product!

th_srp Salem Ridge Press Books sent me several books to review.  And let me tell you early in my discussion that the books are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL – A MUST READ – A MUST FOR EVERY BOOKSHELF IN EVERY HOMESCHOOL.  Do you really need to know more?  Well yes, let me tell you a little more about Salem Ridge Press.

Salem Ridge Press is a publishing company, established in 2005, dedicated to bringing back the very best children’s books of the 1800’s and early 1900’s for a new generation of readers. They strive to republish books that are wholesome, exciting, and well-written.  image

Salem Ridge Press has very high values and standards as a company. They  desire to build a reputation as a trusted source for the kind of books parents can feel good about giving to their children, that children will really want to read, and that can be enjoyed together by the entire family.

If you would like to read how they choose the books they publish click here.

Salem Ridge Press offers books from Historical Fiction to Adventure and on to Younger Readers.

What books did I get to review?  Soldier Fritz and Mary Jane – Her Visit

image My thoughts on Soldier Fritz?  I absolutely loved this book because if spoke about the truths in our church history. It told the story of “Soldiers for Christ” who went before us. This book is packed FULL of Biblical truth. 

Who is Fritz?  Young Fritz wants to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther and be a soldier for the Lord, so he chooses a Bible from the peddler’s pack as his birthday gift.  Fritz and his mother, Countess, both take a powerful stand against organized religion, facing persecution, that is not teaching Biblical truths.

The Countess is such a model for sound biblical encouragement to her son, Fritz.  She is dependant on the Lord, encouraging to her family with God’s Word, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.  Her Godly counsel is very powerful – it will MOVE YOUR SPIRIT and spur you on to take a stand for truth in your own life.

Read the first chapter free on their website here.

 Take an adventure with Fritz and the Countess for only $10.95.



My thoughts on Mary Jane – Her Visit?  My girls asked to hear Mary Jane every night.  I printed the whole e-book and had it bound at the local printer.  Mary Jane is definitely a wonderful addition to our homeschool. 

Who is Mary Jane?  In this story, the second book in the Mary Jane series, five-year-old Mary Jane has more happy wholesome adventures, this time at her great-grandparents' farm in the country where she hunts for eggs, picks berries, finds baby rabbits, goes to the circus and more! 

Go on an adventure with Mary Jane for only $12.95!


For a complete list of Salem Ridge Press books click here. Many are available in both soft cover and hard cover.

Here are some of the qualities the publishers appreciate about Emma Leslie’s writings:

  • History of the Church told in an interesting and memorable way
    One of the real strengths of Emma Leslie’s writings is that she shows the key issues in the Church in each time period in the context of an interesting story. The reader thus gains a broader understanding of the history of the Church in a way that is memorable. For example, in Soldier Fritz, the Reformation in Germany comes alive in the story of a young boy who chooses a Bible from the peddler's pack as his birthday gift, leading to unexpected persecution and danger.
  • Inspirational
    In each book, there are those who come to salvation in Jesus Christ, and those who are faithful to Him in very difficult circumstances, both of which inspire the reader to greater faithfulness.
  • Appeal to both girls and boys
    There are both male and female main characters in her books, often a brother and sister, sometimes a husband and wife, or a parent and child.


th_HSCrew468x60AnimatedDon’t forget to drop by TOS Homeschool Crew and see what others are saying about Salem Ridge Press click here!.


Disclaimer:  This product was given to me for review purposes free of charge, not to be returned to the vendor. All opinions expressed in this review are mine.


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  1. I had two Emma Leslie books to review, and I absolutely LOVED them! My plan is to purchase the whole series. I enjoyed reading your great review.


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