Monday, November 5, 2012

MFW Creation to the Greeks: Wks 7-8



Thanks for visiting our weekly highlights using My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks!


History and Bible:

We have been reading through Genesis and learning about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The kids learned about Hieroglyphics, papyrus paper and pyramids.


Our MFW Co-op kids made Cartouche book marks and ate Lentil Soup .. YUM.


I think SOME of the greatest joys of homeschooling my kiddos is ….

playing with them outside

enjoying a Nature Study with their cousins

fall leaf collections throughout the house .. and crumbled on the floors

muddy rain boots in my entry way

buckets full of pine cones on my porches

screams as a spider tries to sneak in the house

riding bikes or walking the dogs during the daylight

watching them prepare lunch for me from last nights left-overs

the ability to be a child ….. and play with their toys… and make lots of messes I will one day miss dearly … 





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