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Discover the world with fantasy!th_schleich_logo_75

I have had the opportunity to review several of the Schleich – World of Nature products.

The Company: Friedrich Schleich founded the company in 1935.  The now famous Schleich figurines first came to life in the 1950's.  This company has been around for a long time! IMG_0582

Their Philosophy: The design of the their products is as realistic and naturalistic as possible. This enables children to experience the large variety of nature - from domestic animals on a farm to wild animals in the jungle. 

Products:  I knew Schleich products were available at our local Target store.  In fact, we own a few.  But when I received the catalog with the full-line of figurines, I was very shocked!  I had no idea they had so many products. 

What’s available?  Check out each of their ‘Worlds’: Farm Life, Wild Life, Prehistoric Animals, The World of Knights, American Indians, and the World of Fantasy.

My Thoughts:  When the package of Schleich figures arrived at our home, the girls were so excited to open the box right away.  As they opened it, ALL of the figurines dumped onto the concrete floor in our garage. 

I instantly had a flashback … remembering that most of the model horses I played withIMG_0584 growing up had broken legs, tails or ears!  In fact, I have many of them still.

Then I picked up the Gnu, (to your right) who has larger horns, and I knew for sure it broke.  Would you believe it’s in perfect condition! 

Since that day, my girls have dropped the figurines many times.  Each of them have withstood the girls imaginary playtimes with NO damage

My husband also commented on the detail in each of the Schleich figurines and I agreed!  They look realistic in their design.

Schleich offers a diverse, durable and quality product line that every household with children will enjoy.  Their products are also a great schoolroom resource for teachers and homeschool parents alike!

Schleich figurines can be purchased at a store or on-line – just enter your location or zip code on their website.  Prices vary depending on the figure. They are also coming out with more new products in 2010.  Check out their website here.

I would definitely recommend this product line for your children, your  schoolroom, and on your holiday wish lists!

th_HSCrew468x60AnimatedDon’t forget to drop by the TOS Homeschool Crew website and read what others are saying about Schleich products here!


Disclaimer:  This product was given to me for review purposes free of charge, not to be returned to the vendor. All opinions expressed in this review are mine.


  1. This is a very popular toy brand in Germany and I remember purchasing them when we lived there. They are really fun and durable espcially if you have a boy who loves to play hard! They are quite expensive here in the states but are well worth the price if you want a toy that is going to stand the test of kids!

  2. I too am thrilled with their durability which is why I know that they are worth the price. They will last and last as long as they don't get run over by a lawnmower (happened to my daughter's friend's Schleich horse.) Ooops!

  3. I was trying to post on your nature study post, but couldn't as it's all scrambled up with this post on my computer anyway. Love your pictures of God's creation. Oh, and we love Schleich here as well.


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