Monday, January 10, 2011

Overview: “Easy Classical” Schedule

I have had the opportunity to look at the Easy Classical Early Modern History schedule.  See my overview of their schedule below. 


Easy Classical offers the classical approach in their curriculum schedules.

What is offered in their Early Modern History Schedule?

36 long week schedule – grades K-6EarlyModern_ProductPicture

45 + pages of charts, sheets and helps

Each week’s lessons have review questions and answers

A quiz is included in each week’s lesson

Assignments, projects and ideas for making the lessons fun – depending on the children’s learning style

Be prepared in advance – with a “shopping list”

Comes in a 1” 3-ring binder

Check out the Easy Classical website for more details here.

What are the curriculum Resources needed when using this schedule?

Check out the Curriculum choices link on their website – A History of the US, The Story of the World, Writing with History – just to name a few.

My thoughts:  Because I am critiquing the ‘schedule alone’ and not the resources of the curriculum, I cannot determine if the choices are something I would recommend.  But I can say that I have used both The Story of the World and History Pockets for our ancient history study last year and my family and I enjoyed them!

How are the weekly lessons plans laid out?EC1


My thoughts:  I believe the lesson plans are laid out very neat, organized and easy to understand

The parent can write the date at the top of the weekly lesson.  Then just pick your day, like Monday, scroll down each column noting what resources to get and the page to turn too.  Generally a new topic is introduced on Mondays.  The author notes: “Writing assignments can be completed in one to three days, depending on the student.  Copywork assignments are scheduled 3 days during the week coinciding with the history topic.” There are geography lessons, read aloud books  Personally I have not used most of their resources but I think the schedule is very easy to read for the homeschool family.

How do you know what activities to do with each lesson?

As you look at the weekly lesson, note the four icons in color. 1. The World: mapping exercise; 2. Pencil/Paper: complete history summary; 3. CD: sing the history song; 4. Books: complete reading narration.  The icons are very easy to find in the schedule.

There is also a “shopping list” at the bottom of each page so you can pull together your activity supplies in advance.  I think this is a wonderful addition to their schedule.

What about reading comprehension questions?

Each weekly lesson has discussion/ comprehension questions at the bottom of the page, including the answers and a quiz sheet.  I assume these are generated from the resources read during the week. 

What does the history schedule cost?

Notebook version: $35.95

Digital version: $29.95

How can I view more sample pages of the lesson?

Click here

Easy Classical creates more schedules here.


See what other on This Old Schoolhouse CREW have to say about Easy Classical – just click here!


Disclaimer:  This product was given to me free of charge not to be returned to the vendor.  The opinions expressed are mine.


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