Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Math Facts Now! - Review


Vendor: Math Facts Now – download your free trial here !

Target age: K – 6 or anyone who needs to review any of their math facts                    

Format:  Download or CD – $15.95 – Guaranteed or your money back!

Product overview:

  • Drill facts – addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisionCD_pic
  • Create your own lessons, save them and review
  • Each child can have individual lessons created for them
  • Progress report is available after the completion of each lesson
  • Child is required to retype any problems they missed at least 2 times
  • Any trouble problems during a lesson – the child sees a “be careful” note
  • Drill any facts needed – chose only one too!
  • Ability to review each child’s performance and trouble problems
  • Drill 10 to 100 problems – the parent sets the number!
  • A child can take from 60 – 90 seconds to answer each problem
  • Reward system at the completion of each lesson

My thoughts:

Initially my girls would tire after 30 problems during a lesson.  The company worked with the CREW reviewers and redesigned the program to drill fewer problems in a lesson.  That tells me that Math Facts Now! creators are willing to work with their customers needs.  My girls enjoyed their lessons more when they only had to drill 20 problems. 

I think the program is easy to use – both for the parent and child.  It is not a busy and noisy program like many educational programs.  I also liked that I could create lessons with only one math fact:  like +1 or  -9. 

My girls enjoy the reward system that I can enter when creating a lesson.  The rewards are received at the completion of a lesson.  We discussed the rewards and came up with:  Wii play time or a candy cane.  This made the lesson more fun for them.

I was able to download the Math Facts Now! program to a USB drive.  This made it easy to do lessons either on the desktop or laptop.

th_HomeschoolCrew250wideSee what other CREW member’s had to say about Math Facts Now! here.



Disclaimer:  This product was given to me free of charge, not to be returned to the vendor.  All opinions expressed in this review are mine.


  1. Thanks for the bit about having it on a USB. I wasn't for sure if mine worked properly from the USB, so now I need to go check.

  2. I just pushed you to 100...........freako!


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