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Planning Our School Year: 2011-2012


Discover Their Gifts Button copyThis is my favorite time of the year……. planning the school year!  There are a few preparations prior to schooling that help our year go smooth!


File System for each week of school:

What you need:

  1. Hanging file folders – one for each week you do school in a year
  2. Label maker – Label each file folder with a number (I do 34 weeks)
  3. Colored file folders – Place one for each child in each hanging file folder
  4. Stuff your folders with EVERY lesson - for each week for the WHOLE year!


I bought a file folder box with a lid. 


This is the hanging file folder with the colored folders ~ one for each child.


Here’s a few items I placed in the folder.  I will then put these in the appropriate workbox.

This planning process will help your year go super smooth.  

I just pull out the file folder for one child on Sunday evening and place just the papers in the appropriate work box.  You can stuff them each night with one day’s worth of work or you can pull out a week’s worth of work and place it in the workbox. 

Workbox System:


I use 12’x12’ scrapbooking drawers – 9 drawers for each child.  I got them for $9 for each 3-drawer section from Hobby Lobby.


Workbox cards and grids for each day of the week (details are from Jolanthe’s blog Homeschool Creations).  I still need to update the cards for the changes I made in our curriculum this year.   The new cards will be generic subject pictures, so I do not have to change them each year!


I added P.E. activity cards from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Go check them out… fun fun fun!  I will put several in the girls boxes each day to add fun!


I keep a few items in the boxes all the time like: Explode the code workbook,  spelling notebook, latin workbook, etc.



Morning Board: (update weekly ~ no photo yet because I am still working on it)

  1. Bible memory verse
  2. Latin words of the week (Song School Latin)
  3. Make the date with Money
  4. What time is it? digital and analog
  5. Calendar time
  6. Sowing seeds of __________ (Character)
  7. Prayer card – People group we are studying in ECC


wpd1112I use the The Well Planned Day in a binder for my planning pages.




IMG_2037 I am using MFW Countries and Cultures for our lessons this year ~ they have done the planning for me.


 Check out the details of my Curriculum Choices for 2011-2012.



  1. I love the idea of having a file folder for each week....I think I will totally steal that idea!!
    I wish I was setting up for our school year! We are moving across the country next week....then I can unpack and get things ready for school.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

  2. Wow! What great organization ideas! I'm not sure that I would stick to anything like this though! LOL I put our books on a shelf, a whiteboard with assignments, and a calendar...and that's my planning! LOL

  3. Very nice! Good job and great organization :-)

  4. great post! looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog!

  5. I'm so grateful I have you to help organize my school room!!!

  6. Wow, those are great ideas! I don't have the room for workboxes(I have 7 kids), but I like the file folder system. I also like the PE activity cards!

  7. Hi Monica! I saw your link on one of the MFW message boards. You have a great system! I have also enjoyed using MFW and workboxes. I am looking at The Well Planned Day planner after hearin about it a few days ago and it looks very helpful. Thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower of your blog!

  8. Love this system and trying to get it to work for us too - we are using ECC this year too! Can you please explain how many little cards you use for each child between their boxes and their daily schedule? And also how exactly do you attach each velcro - how many little dots do you have to use front and back of each card and on the workboxes and daily schedule? Finally can you tell me if you laminate these as a sheet, when you cut them apart do they stay together? Thanks so much! Looking forward to your responses and getting this all set up! So appreciate it! God bless!

  9. Hi Trinette,
    I did update my grid cards but did not post them yet. I have 15 cards on their grids each day (that includes one snack and one for lunch). I also have 3 or 4 on the bottom row for "after school" time assignments like: read to mom, computer math drill, piano. I bought the velcro dots on-line (5/8"). I put one in each square of the grid card. I put one on the back of ea little card and 1/2 on the front to flip and stick it. Yes, I print on 28lb paper and laminate 3mm sheets. Then I cut them apart with not problem. You may email me at if you want more pics or details.
    Hope that helps,

  10. Wow! You are ON that organization. I'm not up to par with this...but I LOVE the workboxes...keeps us on track every day.

  11. Great system! I'm going to steal the idea for the teacher's file folder box! THX~!!

  12. Can you come over and help me with this:) Looks fabulous and I am going to start implementing it. Thanks for the inspiration.


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