Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Hassle Free Chore System

Are you tired of nagging and clutter?  I was too!  Do you have to tell your child to brush their teeth EVERY morning?  clear their plate?  feed the pets?  brush their hair?  I did too! ~ over and over and over again….

Well those days are over in our daily routines (that is majority of our days). I searched the Rainbow Resource on-line catalog and decided to purchase the I Did My Chores! system about 4 weeks ago. 

With “I Did My Chores!” my children willingly do their chores.  They are having so much fun, which allows me to nag less!  The girls earn rewards in a new and entertaining form.

How is it FUN and EASY:

Just set up the chore board by placing the reusable “chore cards” on the hooks, and your child will complete their chores for rewards.

Kids will know when the chores need to be done, because they are color coded for the time of day.

When a chore is completed, the child places that chore card in the “I Did It!” box, and they earn a token.

You establish your own rewards – 25 tokens to see a movie, 40 tokens for a trip to the DQ, etc.

Select from the preprinted chores stickers or create your own.

The cards are used over again the next day.

Set includes:

  1. Chore board (12-1/2” x 10”) an easel back or flat to adhere to a wall/door
  2. 6 Hooks
  3. 48 Color coded plastic cards
  4. 150 tokens (child collects for future rewards)
  5. 48 Preprinted chore stickers (very nice selection included)
  6. 24 Blank stickers (so you can design your own if needed) 
  7. “I Did It!” box
  8. Instructions – parenting guide (very helpful in implementing in your home)

A few of our token rewards:

25 tokens: DQ junior sundae, play puzzle or WII game with mom and/or dad, paint, computer game for 20 minutes

50 tokens: Get your nails painted by mom, $1 for a snack at the pool, breakfast in bed, put together a scrapbook page or other craft, go on a walk with the dogs

100 tokens: Lunch at Wendy’s or McD’s, rent a movie, picnic at the park, have a sleep over

…. just to name a few examples.  There are more examples in the instruction manual. 

Our home a few weeks after implementing the chore system:

My girls still need prompting to start their chores at the appropriate times because they are young, distractible, and still learning our new system.  But I can actually say my youngest, who is five, LOVES to race to see who can complete their chores first.  So my role is not completely hands off when it comes to getting ready to leave the house or chores, but my nagging and screaming has greatly reduced!

The chore system is geared toward children ages 4 – 8 years.  This is the link to their website with more views and descriptions.


Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed in this review are mine. I purchased this product on my own.



  1. I love this!! I'm going to bookmark this page for when my kids get just a little bit older.

  2. I saw this at our local homeschool convention and got it! It's so hassle free and after trying other systems I think this one is a keeper for our family!

  3. I actually purchased this a couple of years ago from...I don't remember but the kids did enjoy it...I however didn't stay consistent!! They are now in my storage room waiting to be used again...maybe I'll dust 'em off for this year!!

  4. Are your stickers colored? I look at the ones on Rainbow Resource and they appear to be B/W, less appealing. Also, at RR there is not the option for having it magnetic. Does yours allow the option of being magnetic? I have a steel door I would like to place mine on.

  5. Hi Connie,
    The Monkey stickers are NOT colored. Bear pictures are colored and very cute. You may put a magnet on the back of the cardboard base. But it does not come with one.

  6. i just ordered 35 of these from the owner's site (at a group discount) for our local homeschooler's group - we are dying for them to arrive and put to use!

  7. It's been over a year since this post. Are you still using this chore system? Has it worked well for your family?


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