Thursday, July 8, 2010

Workboxes – part 1

We started using a variation of Sue Patrick’s Workbox System during our 2009- 2010 school year.  I modified her system to fit the needs of our family’s school day and it worked great. IMG_9787

Why change something that is working? 

Well I am.  I am changing our Workboxes to fit this year’s exciting changes: a new unit study curriculum (MFW-Adventures) and an additional student in the classroom (my five-year-old is entering K this year).

I plan to use the 6 workboxes for each child’s independent work (like math, LA, HW, and spelling) and I have a fun box on top for readers or prizes (yet to be determined).   I am still working on the picture cards for the workboxes (drawers in our case).  I just bought a laminator too- how fun!

The workboxes are from Hobby Lobby.  They are ClearView 3 Drawer Organizer.  I stacked 2 sets of 3 drawers each on one another.  The drawers are a great size too - 12” x 12”.   

The reason I am only using 6 workboxes is because I am doing a unit study for my girls (who are 5 and 7 years old).  I chose My Father’s World Adventures this year.  So we will combine the following subjects:  Bible, History, Geography, Art, Music and Science.  I plan not to use workboxes for these subjects because all three of us will be working on them together.

I am still working on the picture cards to label the workboxes so the girls can see their work load and work independently!  So subscribe to my blog so you can receive more updates via email!  Part 2 to come soon.. I have to crack open the laminator box.

If you would like to see how to plan workboxes in more detail check out these websites:
Sue Patrick's Workbox System
Homeschool Creations Blog
Workbox Blog

Another view of our workbox drawers:

Check out what I did with our walk-in closet.  This is a quiet place for one of the girls to work independently.
Come back soon for Part 2 of our workboxes!


  1. Great idea. We use MFW too and I love the fact we can combine all that we can as a "class". I have yet to figure out how to get workboxes to work for 10 kids so our twist is everyone has a backpack. Their independent work goes in there...if at the end of the day there is still something in the backpack, all their work has not been completed.

    Beautiful girls!

  2. Hi! I found you on the MFW Blog Roll - I love getting to know other MFW moms. :^) I used ADV last year and my girls loved it; I think you will, too. This year, we'll do ECC and then K with my two little ones. I hope you can stop by my place...and you might be especially interested in my recent post where I have downloads to grid formats for K (similar to the charts in the ADV manual):

  3. LOVE your walk-in closet! What a great idea! Where did you get the hanging green thing (that has the AAS phonics cards in it)? I would love to get that.

    Stopping by from the Homeschool Crew~ going back to check out more of your blog!

  4. Visiting from the Crew. We love workboxes! Loving your closet to. My oldest would love that!

  5. I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award :)

  6. Ooooh Monica, LOVE what you have done!! Hmmm, if I'm not careful I'll be adding new plastic drawers to our home! It looks wonderful...drooling over that walk in closet sanctuary/hideaway/concentration room!!
    Hey, we are starting AAS this year too!!! Is that what you are doing?
    Looks awesome girl!
    I'm gonna call you for sure!

  7. Wow nice set up you have there! Love it! I am in the beginning of setting up our workboxes. I was looking online on the Target and Hobby Lobby site and couldn't find the drawers that you use. Is there any way you could find the link for them? All that I have found are waaay more spendy than the $9.99 and would love to NOT spend that much money LOL. Thank you for sharing your set up!

    *Neecie* TN

  8. Oh I went back and re-read your blog here and saw the link for the 3 drawer organizer! They must have been on sale when you got them, but the price isn't bad still! Thanks again!


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