Thursday, July 22, 2010

Homeschool Curriculum Choices: 2010-2011

This year the girls are starting Kindergarten and Second Grade.  Below is a list of my curriculum choices for the year by subject and how often we will be doing them each week.

One change I made this year was to purchase the My Father’s World – Adventures program with the lessons plans designed for me! (can I scream YEA!)  My other big change was to join a co-op on Monday mornings. (How do I get out the door at 8 on Mondays?)

Bible: NiRV Discoverer’s Bible for Young Readers: We are going to study the names of Jesus throughout the year; The Bread of Life, The Lamb of God, and more! ~ daily

History & Geography: We are going to enjoy U.S. History this year along with a brief trip around the 50 states. We will be creating a U.S. Notebook which will include: our state study, handwriting, art, and geography lessons. ~ 3 to 4x/wk

Science:  Our science experiments will be so fun for the girls using the Usborne books Science in the Kitchen and Science with Air. Our Nature studies and walks each week will include lessons from Birds, Nests and Eggs. We are also completing our studies with Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day as well. ~ 3x/wk

Art: The girls (and I) will develop our art skills – drawing, colored pencils,  colored markers, and beginning painting – using I Can Do All Things. We are also going to continue to use the Draw Write Now series for copy work and art. ~ 3 to 4x/wk

Spelling: The girls will continue in their program All About Spelling - Level 1. ~ 5x/wk

Handwriting: New this year for us is A Reason for Handwriting B for Arianna.  Marissa will begin the year with a product I am reviewing called Peterson Directed Handwriting K. ~ 5x/wk

Language Arts: I found this great program from Christian Light Education at a convention in April called Learning to Read.  I am starting it with Marissa, who is in kindergarten.  Arianna is completing it soon, along with their LA program and next level reading called I Wonder.  Arianna will also be ready to begin a new program this year called Learning Language Arts Through Literature – Red book series… should be a fun program! ~ 5x/wk

Math: I can’t say enough good things about MathUSee!  The girls love the manipulative blocks and brief lessons.  Marissa is completing MUS Primer.  Arianna will be completing both Alpha and Beta this year. ~ 5x/wk

Writing: Arianna is completing her lessons in First Language Lessons of the Well Trained Mind - Level 1 then she will start the LLATL – Red book.  Both girls will also do copy work with their Bible verse of the week and from the Draw Write Now Book series.  We get our copy work verses from the Homeschool Creations blog!

Independent Reading: Marissa is reading from BOB Books and other easy readers from programs like Sing, Spell, Read and Write, Rigby Sails series and LLATL Blue book.  Arianna is enjoying reading Junie B. books with mom.

P.E. and Music: We are joining a co-op this fall which will offer the girls classes in music, dance and gym! (I still want to know your ideas for getting out the door at 8 am on Mondays – eek)

If you would like more information on a curriculum, I have included links to most of the programs or just send me an email

Comment on your curriculum choices this year ….or link your blog post in a comment!





  1. Monica you're so organized!!! Your year sounds great!! I'm starting Apologia, FLL and LLTLA (the older versions) this year also!! The state study sounds great!!! Hmm...wonder if I can fit that in?!...

  2. You and I think alike. YEA for not having to do all the planning!

  3. Wow! Great minds think alike, HA! Almost all of our curriculum is the same :)
    I hope you don't mind a few questions. 1. I was thinking of adding in "Flying Creatures", how are you guys liking it? Does it fit in well with Adventures? 2. Is there a reason you are changing from First Language Lessons of the Well Trained mind? 3. I also think we will move through MUS Alpha fairly quickly. Are you just planning on doing 2 lessons/week?
    Thanks for the help. I am so excited to have someone to ask :)

  4. Hi Gator Mommy - tried to send you an email about your questions... no luck - hope you read this here! I school year round so the Apologia is great to start in the spring 'til fall as FUN science. I like FLL 1 and recommend using the workbook too. Just thought I'd try LLATL 2 (may go back to FLL3). We completed Saxon 1, switched to MUS Alpha will be on Beta in Jan (we are doing 2nd grade). I like it better. We do 5 lsn/wk. More ?? just email me!

  5. Monica, thanks so much! That helps a lot. I am so happy I get to follow along with your year.

  6. We have similar choices for this next year! I'm going to have to check out CLE's learning to read for my K'r. I just can't decide what to do with her.

  7. It looks like an awesome year. I've been eyeing AAS for the last year but my oldest is a fabulous speller so I see no need to reinvent the wheel with her at this stage. (She's 9.) I'm soooo getting it for my youngest though. But she's only 2 so I have to wait a few years. LOL

  8. We are doing a states study this year as well. There is a Squido lens with lots of ideas if you want to check it out. Good luck with everything!

  9. Let me know how you like MFW, I am very interested in that one!

  10. Hi...and thanks for visiting me from the blog hop. We did Adventures last year (and also use All About Spelling and Math-U-See), and we had a blast. It's a great curriculum. :^)

  11. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a fantastic year!

  12. We are also using FLL and AAS this year...absolutely love both of those programs! I heard about MFW after I purchased the bulk of my curriculum...I have been drooling over it ever since. Have a great year!


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