Sunday, July 4, 2010

Paint, Popsicles and Princesses

I asked Marissa what she wanted to do special for her fifth birthday.  Thankfully, she had a single request – paint !

Well, that single request is not such a simple request for mom to take on.  But, what is simple for mom?  Motherhood is complicated and busy, but full of fun!

Do you have a stack of 15 coloring books laying all over your house?  We do.  So, here is an idea - have a “Paint-Party” outside!  Collect a few items like: lots of coloring books, brushes, paint jugs, old shirts, paper towels and several cups of water.

This is what we did: I set up their “Paint-Party” outdoors at the picnic table.  I gave them 8 coloring books, 6 jugs of washable paint, old shirts, paper towels, 4 cups of water (and another pitcher full to make more messes) and a variety of paint brushes.  How fun and messy does that sound?

The girls chatted about the colors they blended to make pink, mint green and light blue.  They were busy for over two hours.  And to add to the fun and mess, I gave them each a big popsicle.

I love summer, smiles, homeschooling, fun and being a mother!


  1. I love it! What awesome summer fun!

  2. The paint party sounds like a lot of fun. I hope your daughter had a blast.

  3. That sounds like a great idea!! I need to keep that in mind!!


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