Saturday, February 12, 2011

MFW Adventures Wrap Up: Weeks 22-23

What a busy two weeks we’ve had in My Father’s World Adventures!

My favorite part of the last two weeks has been the Bible lessons and history.  So let me share our Bible time with you.

Bible:  The names of Christ – Head of the Body

Who is the Head of the Body?  Jesus 

Who is the Body?  US – that is if you are a believer.

Who is a believer?

YOU – if you have recognized your need for a Savior

YOU – if you have come to the foot of the Cross with EMPTY hands offering NOTHING but a humble heart in need of saving

YOU – if you have received the FREE GIFT He is offering you through His death and resurrection

YOU – can now stand up – knowing you are filled with the Holy Spirit – given a new body – you are NOW ALIVE in Christ

YOU – are a new creation – you are ALIVE and no longer dead in your sin

YOU – are destined for heaven not hell

YOU – can now be used by God – you have many GIFTS He gave you as He formed you in your mother’s womb

YOU – are not the majority of people you meet – most people are the Walking Dead – spiritually dead

YOU – must now go out and share the Good NEWS and use your God given gifts!

So now read with me Romans 12:4-8 “ … We all have gifts.  They differ in keeping with the grace that God has given each of us…”

What are your gifts?  What are your children’s gifts?  Knowing your family’s gifts will give you opportunity to encourage them this week.


History:  We traveled through six more states:  Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri,  Arkansas and Michigan.  



We also read about how the pioneers traveled West by the Wagon Train, lived in covered wagons and endured hardships along the way.  My girls enjoyed learning about the children but they are glad they have the comforts of home life today – and all of their toys of course!

Book Basket Favorites:

Helen Keller

George Washington Carver

A Picture Book of Helen Keller (Picture Book Biography)A Picture Book of George Washington Carver (Picture Book Biography)

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie Island Boy


Science:  What better to learn about these two weeks as we study the Body of believers in our Bible studies than – our physical body.  We briefly discussed:  bones, muscles, digestion, the brain, senses, and taste.  I plan to study each system in detail with our “Summer Science” co-op.


This is the a fun book to read to your kids this week.

It discusses the answers to some questions you may not know how to answer.

“Why does it not hurt when you cut your hair?”  “Why do I get the hiccups?  How do I get rid of them?”  “Why do I have to get a shot?”


First Questions and Answers about the Human Body by Andrew Gutelle

Art:  Join us each week for Barb’s Sketch Tuesday.  This past weeks sketches  here - Ships Ahoy!

Nature Study: Join us each week for our Winter Wednesday walks here.


Thanks for reading my weekly wrap up. 

Head on over to 2 Ladybugs and A Lizard and see what’s going in MFW 1st Grade here.



  1. You had a busy week! The girls look sooo big in those pictures!


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