Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: Kid Scoop-Reluctant Reader



 Kid Scoop’s RELUCTANT READER SOLUTION offers you and your kids a full year of fun-filled reading and writing activities ! 

It offers 365 days of Fun pages and a monthly digital newspaper called Kid Scoop.


Purpose of the Reluctant Reader Solution?  Encourage your child or students to become enthusiastic, life-long readers by offering them interesting and engaging fun sheets to read. 

Cost:  $97.00

What does RR include? Access about 60 downloadable packets of worksheets and an online, colorful, 20 page newspaper - full of more fun reading and activities!  Activities for a FULL YEAR!


What topics are covered for the year? There are about 60 worksheet topics like: Jack Frost, bubble gum, Owen and Mzee, State of the Union, Valentine’s Day, Germ Patrol, clay play, Mother’s Day, nutritional labels, smores, orcas, otters, Tom Sawyer, fitness, safety, gardening, Memorial Day, and many more!


KS510What does each topical worksheet include?

5 to 7 pages of reading fun:

thinking skills, topical information,

games, puzzles, word searches, 

coloring, charting, drawing steps,

writing fun, and more!

What does the on-line newspaper offer? Each monthly newspaper contains about 20 colorful pages of more fun.  If offers an activity calendar, puzzles and brain teasers, ideas for parents and teachers, science fun, jokes, drawing instruction, cool links, art club, and more!  Parents can view the online newspaper and print just what you and your child would like too.


Are you ready to check it out for your family?  Kid Scoop Reluctant Reader Solution link here.

My thoughts?  My girls enjoyed the program and so did I.  Mini-units we used:  bubble gum, Jack Frost, Valentine’s and Pencil Power pages.  I spent a week going through the pages during our class time.  They also colored the pages after school and in the evenings.  Our family enjoyed the Reluctant Reader Solution but I believe we will use the fun sheets and newspaper more in the summer because they will not seem like school work but summer fun reading and activities. I believe the product benefits kids more when the are independent readers, which my girls are not.

How would I use the product?  As a fun supplement. The topical mini-units can add a nice mix to your regular homeschool curriculum.

My girls are required to read for 15 minutes in the evening.  As they are more independent readers, I would give them a fun sheet to read through and do the activities in bed during that week.  Then during school time, I can ask them questions about what they read and review the fun facts.  More information on how to use the RR in your home or classroom is listed here.

What else does Kid Scoop have to offer?  Check out their website here


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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge for review purposes only.  The opinions expressed are mine.





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