Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sketch Tuesday: Ship Ahoy!


Our Sketch Tuesday assignment: Sketch something you find on a ship or a boat!

M5 drew a sailor and his oar.  The shark that was attacking his boat didn’t want to scan on my new scanner (still working on learning how to use it).  M5 drew a sun way up high at the top of the photo… it was sweating tears (it wouldn’t scan either – ugh). 

I present the sketch assignment to the girls and look forward to seeing what they draw. I love hearing the stories behind their sketches too!



Next week’s assignment: Sketch something that grows on a farm


It’s FREE to join Sketch Tuesday. Only submit when you have time! 

Submitting helps me incorporate Art Fun in our homeschool each week.

Details here on Barb's Blog - Harmony Fine Arts - Sketch Tuesday.




  1. Awww! Very cute! Great job on the sketch!


  2. That's a nice looking sailor! Good job, Wub!


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