Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sketch Tuesday: The Letter ‘H’


Have you always wanted to add art into your homeschool curriculum but did not know how to start?   Well, here’s a simple way to start – check out Barb’s blog – Harmony Art Mom.  It’s free!

Each week Barb assigns a different theme for your child to sketch. The assignments are open-ended to bring out your child’s creativity. I do not have to plan another lesson and my girls looks forward to it.  I even made a Sketch Tuesday grid card for their workboxes!

Another fun part of Sketch Tuesday is that my girls get to see their work displayed along with all the other families who participate on Barb’s blog.  There are no rules and you only have to participate when you want too.  Check out the Sketch Tuesday participation information here.

Assignment this week:  Sketch something that starts with the Letter H

M5 drew a Hen with Hills.

Letter H


M7 drew Hearts on tissue paper and glued them on construction paper.

Letter Heart1

Next week’s assignment: Sketch something you see at the Circus

Join us!



  1. I truly appreciate that you love Sketch Tuesday enough to feature it on your blog. I always love seeing what your family comes up with for the assignments and these two are so cheerful and expressive. Thank you for your kind words and the encouragement to other families to get started with the weekly sketches.

    Looking forward to your circus sketches.

  2. I'll have to bookmark Barb's site for kiddos are taking an art class right now and they are loving it! I really want to make sure I continue with art when the class is done :)

  3. Hi Monica!

    WOW! You guys are moving right along in ADV (we're finishing up Week 21 this week)...we've been loving it!

    ...just wanted to let you know that we are starting a MFW Homeschool Highlights link up in the coming weeks. If you're interested, stop by and let me know!

    :: Happy Homeschooling! ::
    Kathi @ A Heart Like Water A Heart Like Water

  4. I’m out on enjoying my blog walk and wanted to stop by to say hi. I’m now following you :)
    Hope you have an amazing day!!
    ~ Nanette

  5. How creative your girls are! I'm going to check this blog out...sounds like something 3 of my kiddies would enjoy.
    BTW, did you recently change your blog, it seems different?

  6. What a great idea! I don't homeschool, but love spending time with my kids doing interesting activities!
    I found your blog through The Science Mommy, and I'm glad I did. I'm following you now and looking forward to coming back and reading more!


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