Thursday, September 1, 2011

MFW ECC Highlights: Week 2


MFW HH buttonWelcome to our “Week 2 in Review” with Exploring Countries and Cultures using My Father’s World curriculum.



Bible Focus this week: Many-Colored Hands art

As we travel the continents this year, we will also be stopping in several countries to explore cultures, people groups and other ‘religious beliefs’. 

In our Bible lesson, we learned how the God of the Bible LOVES all people and wants us all to come to the knowledge of Him.   Isaiah 45 tells us that there is ONLY ONE GOD.  In Luke 2 and Revelation 5, we learned that the Good News of the Gospel is for ALL people groups over the world!

Check out how to complete our ECC co-op art lesson ~ Art Projects for Kids blog



Geography Focus this week:IMG_2107

  • Maps and globes: latitude / longitude
  • Names of the 4 Oceans
  • Symbols on a map
  • Where do I live on a map?
  • Beginning Geography workbook pages



Science Focus this week:

  • What is a Biome?  by Bobbie Kalman
  • What is a Mammal?
  • Biomes around the world and the animals who live in them

Animal Lapbooks:

We will be doing Animal Lapbooks for each continent.  Each of my girls picked out 2 animals they were interested in learning more. 

Here’s a sneak peek into what we are doing for our North American animals.

What do you need?

  1. 1” Binder
  2. Cardstock paper (or use your scrapbook paper from your pre-teaching days… ha)
  3. Glue and scissors
  4. Binder tabs
  5. Search Homeschool Share for a lapbook
  6. Grab a few books from the library about your animal


The Lapbooks are from Homeschool 

The Animal Report form is from the Expedition Earth curriculum ~ Confessions of a Homeschooler.

The projects give me a little one on one time with the girls.  They even love to do their lapbooks in the evenings or weekends.  Lapbooks are not ‘school’ for them.  Just think of all the fun learning ~ and NO whining….


Check out our ECC co-op Nature Walk activities this week ~ here!


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  1. I love the bear lapbook, great job!

  2. I don't use MFW...but I love the hands art! Beautiful and meaningful! And their lapbook binders are awesome!

  3. What a great week! I love your hands art :)

  4. So excited to be linking up.... Loving Adventures!!

  5. Looks like a fun week! The hands art project is great!

  6. I've done a few lapbooks and always wondered how to store them. Creating a lapbook binder is an AWESOME idea! THX!

  7. I love the hand craft, I love any craft with my kids hands. Your lapbooks are great. Maybe before the end of the year I will find the energy. Have a great weekend!


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