Friday, September 16, 2011

MFW ECC Highlights: Week 4


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Welcome to our “Week 4 in Review” with Exploring Countries and Cultures using My Father’s World.



Science Focus this week:

  • Deciduous and Coniferous forest – compare and contrast
  • Layers of the forest and it’s animals
  • North American Animal Lapbook: The Gray Wolf

wk 4 forest layers

wolf 1

Gray Wolf Lapbook: Homeschool

wolf 2wolf 3

Geography Focus this week:

  • Review United States on the map
  • Write info about the US flag
  • Cook an American meal: picnic food
  • Geography Vocabulary: Badland or Butte

wk 4 geog voc

Bible Focus this week:

  • Memory verse: Matthew 1:23 – Immanuel means ‘ God with us !’
  • People group: Navajo Indians
  • Missionary: Harriet Tubman
  • Character trait studies: Joy, Perseverance and Compassion
  • Missionary character trait worksheets from Mama Jenn

Tub 1Tub 2

ECC Co-op Kids:

  • Make ketchup and enjoy an American Picnic lunch


Our favorite resources this week:


I hope you come back throughout the week and check out what other’s are doing in MFW.  Be sure to encourage other’s with a comment or two!

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  1. Love the wolf lapbook......we are going to do that for Mexico, the Mexican Gray Wolf!

  2. I love the picture of the kids on the swing. I long for the day when we are back in the country with a big front porch and a swing.

  3. I really liked the Wolf Lap Book too! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Looks like a great week! Love the colorful photos and hands on learning going on. Thanks for hosting MFW highlights!

  5. I love the layers of the forest collage. What fun to have a picnic and make homemade ketchup - yum! Thank you for hosting!

  6. It is so neat you guys are involved in an ECC co-op class. How fun!

  7. I love the wolf lapbook! My daughter has really loved doing those and learning that way! Thank you for hosting this! I am having fun looking at what is ahead in MFW and what we have to look forward to with our Little Man too!

  8. Love the animal lapbooks, and the geography vocabulary notebooks! Great week!


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