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MFW ECC Highlights: Week 5 - Mexico


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  Welcome to our “Week 5 in Review” using Exploring Countries and Cultures with My Father’s World!


Geography Focus this week:

IMG_2371The girls packed their bags and headed to Mexico this week! 

They received their airline tickets and some spending money – pesos.




 I used the money and airline ticket idea from Gator mom @ Baby Gator University.  Here’s her blog post link – scroll down to where you see her picture of a passport, money and airline ticket.  She has two links in her post. 


My girls loved packing their backpacks (dolls and a pillow pet included) to board the plane!


We are using Expedition Earth curriculum along with our ECC lessons.




Science Focus this week:

  • Our ECC Co-op went to the local zoo
  • We studied the desert ecosystem 
  • We studied a few desert animals in depth – Gila monster, desert tortoise, kangaroo rat and the rattle snake
  • How animals cope with the desert temperatures
  • Temperature experiment in the shade and sun



The girls learned about how a cold blooded animal , like a turtle, adapts to temperature in the desert.  We used bean bags turtles and a thermometer to determine temperature differences in the sun and shade.  It was a chilly day for our experiment – it was 60 in the shade and 65 in the sun.


The girls completed Zoo Adventure worksheets on desert animals of their choice from a science curriculum - Considering God’s Creation.  I downloaded resources about each of the animals from the Enchanted Learning website.


Favorite Video this week:

51BGcae5giL__SL500_AA300_Science Fundamental – Ecosystems and Biomes





Bible Focus this week:

  • 514SBN1Z1QL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_
  • Missionary focus from our read aloud – Heaven’s Heroes: Cameron Townsend

Our Matthew readings were from chapters 3 - 4 this week.  We learned what it means to be an ambassador of Christ and that our citizenship is in Heaven! 


Memory Verse: Matthew 4:4 “Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” 

  • Prayer wall – the people of Cuba


ECC Co-op Kids:

Kattie led our art lessons with a clay sun.  It is drying and we will be painting it next week. 


Jessica led our cooking – yummy homemade corn tortillas topped with beans and cheese


Our week ended with a trip to a local Mexican Restaurant!


 Our nature study this week was on the Milkweed (I hope to post it soon).

Favorite Resources this week:

Be sure to drop by Kattie’s blog – 2 ladybugs and a lizard to see what other’s are doing in My Father’s World.



  1. You guys had a great first week in Mexico! Your clay masks are awesome (so artistic compared to ours). Your money is so clear ours were so blurry ;-) We have our fiesta tomorrow and I will post about it soon. Have a great week. Oh, and I love that you had a turtle with you during your experiment - so creative.

  2. Love the paperdolls and your turtle friends!

  3. Enjoyed reading about your fun week! We did the money and tickets too (thanks so Erin!) -- looking forward to our fiesta next week!

  4. The clay sun faces look awesome!

  5. I really enjoy reading about your weeks. You add such fun stuff! Your kids are blessed by your efforts.

  6. I remember may the clay faces. It's neat to see how creative the kids are!

  7. I remember making the clay faces. It's neat to see how creative the kids are!

  8. That's neat how you have a co-op for ECC. That would make the projects so much more fun! Would like to have a co-op like that for CTG, but I'm the only one in our group who is doing it right now. Oh well... we're having fun anyway.

  9. I love having your ideas to read as we go into ECC this fall!


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