Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PG Key SafeKeY


Protection for Your Children.  Peace of Mind for You!

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PG Key gives you everything you need to keep your children and teens safe online and be alerted and informed when dangers do come up – all with one simple, plug in device!

Parents can “rewind” and see work and other activity that their kids did during times when they can’t be over their shoulder.


What are the main features of PG Key?

  • Simple, easy to use – just plug it into the PC
  • Immediate safety – site blocking and content filtering
  • Offers time allowance and access control with the USB device
  • Track your child’s activity – at home or away
  • View your child’s chat and e-mail messages
  • Support available
  • Records up to 60 hours of computer activity – including web browsing, chat sessions, visits, emails, games, all other activity
  • Time LOCK your PC – remove the PG Key and the computer can NOT be used
  • Be alerted when you child uses specific phrases or words via email or a text message
  • Read more features here on their website

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How does PG Key Work?

SafeKey USB is a patent pending, award winning device that simply plugs into your children’s computer’s USB port and immediately creates a safer and more “kid friendly” online environment. It works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

My thoughts:

I believe that PG Key is a necessity in our home when my girls begin to use the computer more in a few years. The peace of mind PG Key offers makes it a product I will definitely recommend to my family and friends.  It is a great way to safeguard our children from the damage the internet offers so freely.  It is very simple to use – just plug it in! 

Protect YOUR children for only $50


Learn more about PG Key here.    Check out where to buy it here. 

Don’t WAIT – Request a FREE TRIAL from the website


Click here to see what the This Old Schoolhouse CREW is saying about PG Key SafeKeY.


Disclaimer:  This product was given to me for review purposes free of charge, not to be returned to the vendor. All opinions expressed in this review are mine.


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