Monday, August 23, 2010

MFW Adventures: Wrap-Up for Week 2

This week in MFW Adventures we focused on the names of Jesus, Christopher Columbus and Science with Air.

IMG_0291 Bible:  We discussed the meaning of Jesus.  It is a Greek word that means the Lord saves. 

Using the Discoverer’s Bible, we discussed the fall of man in Genesis and God’s plan of redemption through Christ in Isaiah.

My favorite Bible time was when we discussed the names of Christ from Isaiah:  Wonderful Adviser, Mighty God, Father Who Lives Forever and the Prince of Peace!  My girls loved hearing who their Heavenly Father is and will always be!  It helped me reflect as well on how much the God of the Bible loves us!

History: Our focus this week was on the voyage of Christopher Columbus from Spain in 1492.   The girls love making his ships: the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria with foil, napkins, straws and play dough.  They sailed them across the Atlantic from Spain to America (Columbus thought he was in Asia).  Check out the Draw-Write-Now book 2 for art this week.  It includes drawings and copy work for Columbus.

Book Basket: Favorite book this week – ‘Animals Christopher Columbus Saw’. Here are a few more:

IMG_0048 IMG_0049 

Science: The focus this week for Science was to show how AIR is ALL AROUND US and what AIR CAN DO!

It’s simple: Just gather a few balloons, water, an empty bottle (really it’s full of air), paper plates, paper, a straw, and a few students ready to have fun!image We worked through a few pages in this book:

Usborne Science Activities: Science with Air

Nature Walk: Friday lessons with MFW Adventures encourages a Nature Walk for the children to explore the outdoors.

Well, my girls need NO encouragement to explore.  In fact,  I’m not sure the insects in our yard will be back next year… or lay their eggs within a block radius.  They are constantly be hunted and caught by a few pair of hands around here.

I printed a few Nature Study pages from Notebooking Pages.  The girls each collected one flower and insect from the yard.  They had to discuss in their own words the flower, petals, leaves, stem and insect – plus draw and color a picture or each.  They spent more time collecting insects than they did any other lesson from the day.  The joy of homeschooling – right?

How did your week go? 



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