Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Fun: School Day 30



We have been trying to enjoy nature more this week. 

Summer will soon be over. 

I was a little “camera happy” on our nature walks through the yard.   


Marissa had fun with her walking stick.  I had to limit her play time with it (or she would have took it to bed that night).


IMG_0423  IMG_0421

Below is the girls’ butterfly friend, “Blue-ie”.  He is one of the many, many (un)lucky butterfly, skippers, or moths who enter our yard.  The butterfly bag has to be randomly checked by mom throughout the day for lonely-winged-friends who have not yet been set free!

IMG_0431 IMG_0430

The girls had to illustrate and write about their favorite things to do and see in the summer.  It included: swimming, flowers, butterflies and flip flops!

IMG_0433 IMG_0434

Mr. Praying Mantis showed up on our window and ended up spending some time being observed in a box.  Now we plan to complete our studies about the mantis using Apologia Zoology – Flying Creatures.


Join Betty each Tuesday for the Nature Study at Peace Creek On The Prairie!

Tune in for our weekly wrap up with MFW Adventures and Little House Happenings!



  1. Trying to enjoy nature more . . . my constant desire yet one of many things I never seem to get around to!

  2. What fun! We used a butterfly "cage" last year to watch caterpillars hatch out (from caterpillars we ordered)....very interesting. We fed ours sugar water (as prescribed in the directions) -- it was really neat to watch them.

  3. Monica, we find a lot of creatures in our yard and, surprisingly, we live in town! I can't wait til we move out to the country next year. I am sure we will have lots more to see!

  4. Fun. Our oldest found a large walking stick this past week too. However my camera batteries were dead. Mom fail. ;-)

  5. I love your photos. Your kids look like they had lots of fun with this "assignment"! :)


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