Friday, April 22, 2011

MFW Adventures: Wrap Up Week 33


I can’t believe we only have two more weeks of Adventures.  What a FUN YEAR!


Our travels this week took us to Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.  We learned about prairie fires, dust storms, the Great Depression era and how it affected farmers and desert life. 

Favorite book basket books:


Roxaboxen by Barbara Cooney was my absolute favorite this week.  I can just picture my girls throughout this whole story.  The children are very creative in their play time.  They play among all ages and both genders…… and enjoy every minute of their time together through the seasons and years. 

This is a must read for all families. 


It reminds me why I love homeschooling my girls. 

My girls play with kids of all ages – boys and girls alike. 

They are very creative when they play implementing real life scenarios (a pharmacy using old vitamin bottles for pills (jelly beans) and hotel room cards as insurance cards), our school studies (traveling to Hawaii in their bathing suits when the house is only 68 degrees and mom’s dressed in slipper socks and 3 sweatshirts) and God’s love (enjoying their siblings because they have time at home with one another (resolving conflicts) unlike many families who run, run, run and run some more).

The pharmacist / nurse is on the left.  She’s in high heels too!

The patient is on the right.  She has a broken arm in a sling (the nurse was calling it a ‘sling shot’) with a bloody leg (made with soap, water and ovaltine……*don’t ask me I’m just the mom).  She put her patient to sleep with garlic water … ick…The patient makes her way around the house in a stroller by Nurse Nana.  Okay… so there is stuff scattered e v e r y w h e r  e…….hum….they flee for clean up time.



Our favorite VIDEOS for history this week:


The Miracle Worker movie is about Helen Keller.  WARNING: Do NOT be surprised is if your kids start acting like the “rotten little Helen” before she met her teacher.  It may get a little annoying !

Prairie Primer Co-op - More History:

Check out the kids final projects for our Little House Co-op.  Each family studied an Indian tribe. Details here -  2 Ladybugs and A Lizard’s blog.







We used the book If I Lived With The Iroquois

Our lapbook is from Homeschool Share’s website.


HomeschoolHighlightsDon’t forget to see what other MFW families are doing this week.

Hosted by Kattie this week - 2 Ladybugs and A Lizard.







  1. Hi Monica! Thanks for posting about your week. Your girls really are creative -- the bloody leg looks a bit too real! We LOVED our ADV year and your post brings back such great memories. The book basket choices add so much to the lessons. Have a blessed Easter!

  2. What a great weekly report, Monica! I love the little glimpse into your kids' playtime. :) I *would* say that I wish you lived in my neighborhood, but since one of my friends recently accused me of trying to start a homeschool community compound kind of a thing, I'm trying to watch what I say. ;) (But it *would* be fun!)

  3. Ovaline, soap and water, huh? Very creative combination! LOL LOVE all the history! Lapbooks look GREAT! (If you want more Native American studies in the future, check out History Pockets: Native Americans. My daughter did it this year and loved it!) Thanks for stopping by my blog! And yes, our cat is, um, strange! LOL My daughter found her on the side of the road, almost dead and about 3 weeks old. She's turned into QUITE a character - chases Lego tires, attacks tennis balls, LOVES veggies, and eats my plants up! LOL


  4. What wonderful "homemade" boo-boos!!!

  5. I am currently trying to decide between MFW and Veritas Press and your blog is so helpful. :) I am still not sure which way that we will go but I am going to convention later this week and I know I'll get a chance to see the MFW up close then and it will help me make a decision. I love Confessions of a Homeschoolers unit for States and her World Geography too. So fun! So many choices...


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