Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: GoGo KaBongo


 Are you looking for fun, safe, and educational on-line games for your young child - ages 4 - 7?  Look not further….. check out GoGo KaBongGo  

What is GoGo Kabongo?

 It is an online game program that develops cognitive skills essential for reading:

  • Attention and focusth_Duffy
  • Memory Skills
  • Processing
  • Planning
  • Visualization
  • Comprehension

It is a program for children ages 4 – 7 years.

For details on what skills your child can learn – check out their chart here !



What did mom like about KaBongo?

  • Auto-level games – more challenging as my child played them
  • My girls, ages 5 and 7, were able to play ALL the games with NO guidance from me – the program tells the child what to do in each game
  • Educational games that teach skills and geared to the young child
  • The games are not timed … so my girls were not frustrated
  • A progress report is emailed to me as they progress through the levels plus I can see what games they like to play

This is a nice program my girls enjoy to play even on the weekends!



What did my girls like about playing GoGo Kabongo?



  • 3 Habitats to play and lots of games to choose from
  • They could build and change their own characters ….. daily
  • Decorating their tree house
  • Build a custom skate park and add to it with their game rewards
  • Fun and animated characters
  • Fun games they can play without my help
  • Coloring their printable activities 



What mom and the girls did not like about GoGo Kabongo?


  • The glitches with the games: Robo Bobo puzzle pieces where missing, the mouse would be visible on the left and right column but not on the games screen, sometimes there was audio but no game, and worst of all …. their reward sticker choices came up as blank screens!
  • This is a Beta program (I am told this is why there a glitches)
  • Their customer service did say they were working on the issues (which they were quick to back to me on via email)
  • Even with the glitches my girls still LOVE to play the games !

th_going_buggyWhat does GoGo Kabongo cost?

  • Sign up now – for a limited time – Get TWO habitats FREE! 
  • Get 3 habitats for only $4.95

Click here and play FREE now!



See what other TOS Crewmates had to say about GoGo KaBongo here!



Disclaimer:  I received this program free of charge for review purposes only.  The opinions expressed are mine.


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