Saturday, April 9, 2011

MFW Adventures: Wrap Up Wks 30 - 31


Bible This Week:

Our memory verse is John 11:25 “Jesus the Resurrection and the Life”. 


If you are looking for some great copywork pages for your Adventures memory verses – check out Mama Jenn’s blog

She has printables for the MFW Adventures memory verses and copywork pages!




Check out our “Names of Jesus” wall so far this year. 


The girls and I are also memorizing the books of the New Testament.


  If you are looking for an easy way to learn the books of the Bible, then go to Jolanthe’s blog – Homeschool Creations.

She has printables that list the books of the Old and New Testament.  There are links among the Awana book verses.  They are broken down in groups of 8 to 10 books, so you and the kids can gradually learn then throughout the year.  I laminate the pages and put them above my morning board. 

We review them each week.  The links are below:

First 8 book of the New Testament

The next 9 books of the New Testament

The last 10 books of the New Testament

All the books of the New Testament



This week’s science for Adventures was about Magnets.  The girls enjoyed the magnets so much that we completed the lessons last week – check them out here!

The local Girl Scouts troop planned a trip to a Planetarium where we viewed constellations.  So that let me to get a few books on constellations and planets before our field trip.

solar systemI printed some solar system work sheets from a website called KB Teachers.

KB Teachers offers worksheets free

They also have a membership package so you can receive access to ALL of their worksheets for only $30 for the year!

Worksheets on the Seasons, Math, Handwriting, Astronomy, Anatomy, Weather and much more!



Our Science - Book Basket books:


Our read aloud:

in grandma attic

Spring is here!


HomeschoolHighlightsHop on over to Kathi’s blog – A Heart Like Water and see what MFW families have done this week!




  1. Sounds like you had a productive week. The girls are getting so big! Love your photos- too cute!

  2. My girls really liked the magnet kit when we did it - about this time last year. And we all LOVED the In Grandma's Attic book. Seeing this reminds me that I should get copies of the sequels for my girls to read now. :^)

  3. I love reading your blog. We are a week behind you guys. Thanks for sharing. Miss you and your beauties and pray God's blessings on you and your family.

  4. Three more weeks ... you're in the home stretch!! WOOT WOOT!! :)

    Hey, have you ever looked at the Twin Sisters web site? They have a CD that has the OT and NT songs on it. It's was a really REALLY easy way to learn them! (Of course, the down side is when I hear, "Open your Bibles to Habakkuk" or something like that, I have to sing all the way from Genesis until I get there! :P

    Great week, Monica. Hang in there ... you're almost done! :)

  5. What?!?! Your library carries resources like Bible Memory CDs and God's Rockin' World DVDs?!?! Is this a church library or a public library? Anything with Christian content around here is definitely something I purchase. Our library has lots of good books on lots of topics, but nothing with an overtly Christian message.


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