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Review: Science Weekly

Science Weekly - Put a little science in your week

Looking to add some hands-on science to your school?

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Check out Science Weekly!

What is Science Weekly?

  • “Science Weekly is a curriculum supplement that offers an interdisciplinary and inquiry approach to enhance teachers knowledge and skills in teaching science and literacy.”
  • Each issue of Science Weekly is written at six reading levels covering grades K–6. This allows parents with two or more children to order the same topic for each child. (Level Pre-A to Level E)
  • Science Weekly will arrive at your home or school as a 4-page issue varying in the depth of study, depending on the grade level you have chosen.
  • Each issue looks at a main topic and it is expanded upon in students’ reading, writing, vocabulary, hands-on lab experiment, math, and critical thinking skills.

Teacher Prep Time?? 

Just read over the included teaching notes. They include what the instructions are for each section - at each grade level and questions to ask.  Also gather a few household materials needed for your hands-on lab.

You can check out a complete sample issue on the Science Weekly website here.

They also offer a new online Interactive Program!

And printable Coloring Books!


We completed the Science Weekly issue on The Flu.

science weeklyscience weekly D







What did mom like?

I liked that the teacher notes were laid out nicely and easy to follow; not a lot of prep time. I read over the grade level that fit my kids (1st) and gathered a few items needed for the hands-on lab. 

I also liked that it went over vocabulary and included a hands-on activity.

What did my kids like?

The FLU lesson is colorful and interesting with a brief hands-on activity. 

Would we use Science Weekly?

We completed our FLU lesson in 3 days.  It could be done quicker or slower depending on your time frame and students. I think the lessons would take longer in the upper grades.  We just used the Level A lesson.  I think a parent can take the lesson further with library books or videos as a supplement.

I could see us using it as a science supplement to enhance our current curriculum or some extra fun in our science during the summer!


Subscription details:  Science Weekly is published 15 times per year: twice per month in September, October, November, January, February, March and April; and once in December.


 Individual rates for orders less than 20 subscriptions: $19.95 per student, per year, payable in advance. 

Classroom rates with a minimum of 20 subscriptions to the same address: $4.95 per student, per school year.

I believe you can mix-n-match levels in your order to best suit your families ages.


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Disclaimer:  I was given a copy of this curriculum free of charge for review purposes only.  The opinions expressed were mine.

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  1. Nice review! We also reviewed the Flu issue and enjoyed it. I also liked how it needed so little teacher prep.

    I wanted to include the blue box in my review also, but couldn't get it to come out readable. It was very blurry, how did you do it?


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