Monday, April 18, 2011

Sketch Tuesday: Tail End


1320863448_b8d30c9da6_oAssignment:  Sketch Something with a TAIL!

More details – check out Barb’s blog Harmony Art Mom here !


A7 sketched a dog.  This is a big deal for her.  She usually just traces a picture and colors it.  This week she actually drew something herself!  I am soooo proud of her … good job girl!

Tail 1


This is M5’s horse……. so cute!

Tail 2

Drop Barb’s blog to see next week’s assignment !




  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I might have my kids participate as well! Good drawing girls!

  2. Look at Marissa's horse! Tell her Mrs. Jen from the blogosphere said, "You go, girl! Excellent, excellent job!!" :)

  3. They are very gifted artists. Love it.

  4. Monica,

    We're participating in Sketch Tuesday this fall. The pictures your girls drew are wonderful.


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