Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Square Foot Garden: Plans

We moved to the country on 2 acres about 3 years ago.  Now that my girls are older, I am ready to plant a few gardens.  I know they will be great helpers and harvesters in what the Lord blesses us with this year!

So I bought the book The All New Square Foot Gardening.  I was sold instantly on how the Square Foot Gardens are set up for success and without a back- breaking experience that the tradition garden has had for many ! 




5 – 4’x4’ gardens:  strawberries, asparagus, herbs, vegetables and annuals

2 – 2’x4’ gardens:  an Easter gift for my two girls – herbs, veg. and annuals


The weather here is 40 one day and 80 the next so progress is slow. 


Dad and M5 are cutting the boards to frame out our SFG’s.

Today it is only 60. M7 gets to hang out and watch us work.


One day later when we paint, it’s 82 degrees!  M5 is helping me paint the boards white.  We are hoping the boards do not rot as quickly if they are painted with Kilz. 


  Progress on our garden has stopped until late April when dad can help put them together and hull the soil.  It’s rainy and 40 this week.  Not a fun time to be outdoors planting a garden.

Drop back soon to see our progress – just after Easter Sunday!

HSVGardenChallengeSee what other’s are doing with their garden planning here at the HSV Garden Challenge – click here.





  1. Hmm...I'm going to watch your progress this summer, and maybe that will make me brave enough to try next year. :^)

  2. Awesome! We also Square Foot Garden! We don't have a lot of space OR sun (as we have a lot of tree cover), but we have one 12x6 veggies, 6x3 strawberry, and new this year 6x2 flower. Fun!


  3. No, we don't do square foot gardening. Although it sounds kind of like the same principle as what you're doing. We just do a couple of raised beds. They're about 4' x 10'. One has yellow squash; the other has tomatoes and green beans. We've never been hugely successful with our gardens, but we always try and we always learn something along the way to make the next year a little better! :)


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