Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autumn 2010 OHC #3: Mammal Study

OHC Autumn OHC

The Outdoor Hour Challenge #3 was a mammal study: compare the horse and the dog. 

The girls looked at horses at the county Fair and a local historical farm.

IMG_0715We discussed the difference between the horse and dog:

  • Toes – the horse has one
  • Neck – long to graze
  • Legs – long for running – right from birth
  • Hair or coats – mane and tail keep biting flies away
  • Eye placement – on the side of their head to view all around
  • Tails – keep away biting flies




My youngest daughter’s paint pony.  She is 5.


We compared the horse to our 3 dachshunds.

See what others learned during their Outdoor Hour Challenge here.

Drop by soon to check out our Apple study.



  1. Love the journal! I think you did a great job on the comparison between the dog and the horse too. Thank you so much for sharing your nature study this week.

  2. I love your picture Wub, you did a great job! Love Aunt Kattie


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