Friday, October 8, 2010

The Digital Field Trip Series by Digital Frog

image If you want to go on a fascinating, fun, and educational field trip without leaving your home – check this out!


The Digital Field Trip Series offers three virtual field trips to: The Wetlands, The Rainforest and The Desert.image

For years, Digital Frog International's educational life science software has offered students the opportunity to explore and learn about some of the world's most fascinating ecosystems, from the wetlands of Canada to the deserts of the southwest U.S. to the tropical rainforest of Belize. 360-degree panoramas bring these diverse ecosystems to life, while detailed sections on organisms, types, mechanisms and even how humans impact and help protect these ecosystem help enhance understanding through interactive learning.

The field trips, workbooks and field guides are VERY DETAILED with information, research and amazing graphics.  So I thought it would be best to just focus on the details of one field trip to The Wetlands.

This digital field trip contains both a Teacher and Student workbook on CD-ROM: The workbook consists of the following sections:

  • Field guide (serves as both a guide to the “virtual” field trip to Cloud Lake and to any local wetland
  • Study guide (structures exploration of the CD and encourages applying the learning to the real world)

The field guide helps you understand any wetland, its inhabitants, and its ecological role.  The student has specific observations of: water, plants, animals, and insects.  The virtual field trip also offers additional field exercises.  Then it goes on to challenge the student with an analysis of the plants, animals and terrain.

The study guide for The Wetlands goes to Brazil into the second largest wetlands in South America.  The student studies wetland types and formations, the habitat, flora and fauna, food chains and webs, photosynthesis, and more!

The Wetland Digital Field Trip CD-ROM contains the following:

  • Field Trip to the Bog
  • Wetland Types th_DigitalFrogWetlands
  • Bog Study
  • Wetland Mechanisms
  • Endangered Wetlands
  • CD Text
  • Workbook materials
  • Graphic resources for use in K-3 classes
  • Teacher’s Guide instructions for use with grades 4-12

My Thoughts:

The virtual field trips are pretty amazing.  I think they are an excellent study for the single student, small group or the classroom setting.  Though they are designed for the 4th grader and up, each contain resources for students in K-3rd.  They are packed full of learning – structured learning, independent research, visual lessons, maps, workbook materials, media resources, games, crossword puzzles, and much much more!  I think the field trips are excellent for any homeschooling family or co-op.

If you would like more details click here.  Try the free demo version too. 

Prices are listed here.  Home Licenses prices are here.

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  1. Good review! The Digital Field Trips really did contain so much information!

  2. Hey you! Great review. Such fun, huh?

  3. WOW!! Yours was so much better than mine! ;) Great review...makes me want to buy one! :)


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